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Author Topic: Eidolons Light Power Maul  (Read 147 times)

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Eidolons Light Power Maul
« on: February 23, 2017, 04:38:09 PM »
I wanted a different set of weapons for my costume and I decided to take a melee approach and build a Storm Shield and Power Maul.  I've posted the shield already so now it's time for the maul. 
I'm my own worst critic so I'm not 100% happy with the turnout but for my first try, I shouldn't complain. 

It started with a 4ft dowel, 1&1/4 inch thick.  I glued 2 mats together to get the thickness I wanted.  My suit is a 935 so it had to be a big weapon.  And it's 40k... Everything is over the top! 
I went through a few paper designs until I came up with this one.  I didn't want sharp and pointy so I stuck with traditional designs. 

Once the glue was set I traced the shape on the foam and started cutting.  I was blessed with a scroll saw from my brother-in-law and it made cutting a breeze.  Using a high TPI blade made short work of the foam and kept a clean edge.  Not as clean as an Olfa knife, but damn near.  Once they were cut, I sectioned off the dowel and hot glued the sections on.  I was going to use 4 but I liked the look of 6; and using 6 filled the whole space.  Originally the paint was bright aluminium but it looked odd so I changed it to a dark grey.  I won't go through the amount of paint scheme changes but there were many.  I had attempted the burning embers style by Emily but there wasn't enough space on the edge for it, so I settled for some red/yellow/white drybrushing. 

The middle part of the dowel was painted in a metallic gold for no reason other than to have it stand out.  The grip was done with strips of craft foam and painted a combination of black and brown.  I kept it extra long so I could use it two-handed, and I didn't want to cut it too short and end up looking funny.  The little studs are push pins from the Dollarama.

When it was done, I felt there was something missing, so I googled again and decided to add some futuristic bits.  I made a half cylinder and glued it to the side with some hoses coming out and into the maul head. 
It's not as heavy as I expected but I'm thinking I'll be sore after carrying it around for hours. 

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Re: Eidolons Light Power Maul
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2017, 05:40:58 PM »
Nice work, very beefy looking. 
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