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Author Topic: Roboute Guilliman helmet build  (Read 809 times)

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Roboute Guilliman helmet build
« on: February 15, 2019, 04:41:24 PM »
Hey! so i am pretty new to this forum and i wanted to show all of you the Guilliman helmet i made for someone. I will try to describe my process the best i can

So my helmet is made of foam and for the main shell of the helmet i used the Pepakura pattern modified by Pilerud's cosplay. All parts were made with 10 and 5 mm foam.

After having made the main shell i started working on the face plate. I just slightly modified the face plate pattern to match the Guilliman helmet

After making the face plate i started on the trim detail. These were all done out of the 5 mm foam and there was sadly not a lot of reference images of these details so i had to improvise a little bit. Around this point i also modified the ear cup piece to protrude less extremely.

Next up was the laurel wreath. For this i made a basic leaf shape that i cut out a lot of times(not sure how many of them it was in total) After having cut out these leaves i overlapped them all and glued them together into the desired shape and length

And after having done that i made the eagle that goes on the forehead

After this i added in the lenses which were just squares of orange Plexiglas which i heat bent with a heat gun. Somewhere around this time i also added the tubing and i made some foam adapters for the tubes.

The fabrication was now done and it was off to priming and painting. I primed the foam with flexbond from Thecosplayshop and then put on a base coat of cerulean blue hue to have a good base colour. This was followed up by a few thin coats (as Duncan would say) of cobalt blue hue

The trim parts were all undercoated with black and then got painted gold. After this i attached the laurel wreath which i painted with Hookers Green and highlighted with a lighter green dry brush.
After having done all of this i realized the back was looking quite boring so i added a bit of trim to make it more interesting

After adding this trim the helmet was basically done, i hope you enjoyed my little thread (i'm sorry this is my first time so it might be lacking some things) if you have any more questions or any criticism feel free to write them in the comment section. And if you want to see more of my content you can find me on instagram @idocosplaystuff
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Obscurus Crusade  |  Costuming  |  Space Marines  |  Roboute Guilliman helmet build

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