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Author Topic: Im back  (Read 602 times)

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Im back
« on: August 18, 2015, 05:40:04 AM »
So after two girls and a 3rd on the way my Legion of the damned build had to go on hold
Now life is getting more routine im going back to starting my build from square one just need a little info on sizing really, 850 scale was what i aimed for but im only about 5' 5" so would that be decent enough ?

Oh and im either going Chaplain (1st legion) Or Legion of the damned

I have a flamer pep file but have no idea on unfolding it or sizing it to 850 scale and it would be the ideal weapon for LOTD
Have lots of other files collected over the last year ( il edit and list them later)

Have files for
chaos marines
Sisters Of Battle
Space Marines ( various )

Gathered these for a while as none were password protected i asume they are open to share so collected them, There's no intent to stand on anyones feet and all work by others are truly apreciated, Would like them to go into the master list so other can gain from making awesome builds 
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Obscurus Crusade  |  General Chat  |  General Discussion  |  Im back

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