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Author Topic: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator  (Read 5823 times)

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Re: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator
« Reply #15 on: December 26, 2017, 10:03:55 PM »
Amazing stuff, can't wait to see it finished.
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Re: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator
« Reply #16 on: January 03, 2018, 01:08:53 PM »
Awesome thank you

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Re: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator
« Reply #17 on: September 02, 2018, 11:03:57 AM »
I keep forgetting to update this thread.  It's high time I fixed that.

Some time ago, I made prototypes for the forearms and elbows.  Here's a shot of the new parts out of the molds:

Much like the rest of this build, they're huge:

The next step was to attach the shoulders to the chest armor.

I started by cutting a couple of pieces of plywood like so:

Then I fiberglassed them in place and added a few screws to keep everything snug while it cured:

The armpit area got the same treatment:

Screwing those in place was a bit harder, so I used some wood scraps to help keep everything in place temporarily:

Once the glass was cured, I installed a lazy susan bearing on either side of the chest:

Then I cut matching holes into the inside faces of the shoulders:

The shoulders were then bolted to the inner section of the lazy susan bearing:

Now it looks about like so:

Here's my shop assistant Chuck trying the chest and shoulders on for size:

She's about 5'3" tall, but I think it looks just about right:

At this point, there were two big armor parts left to sculpt and mold. The upper arm, which should be easy to sculpt, and the pelvis, which is an ungodly nightmare of funny little compound curves and complex shapes.

I started with the pelvis. Like all of the big parts, it began as a rough shaped carved out of foam:

After sanding the foam as smooth as I could, the whole thing was skinned over with Bondo:

Here it is with the thighs and the waist armor for a quick glimpse of what was to come:

The smoothing process is well under way now:

Here it is with the hip plates and a belt buckle mockup:

Aside from that, I've just been doing a lot of sanding and filling on the other parts of the armor:

This is basically how I spent all of my time:

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Re: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator
« Reply #18 on: September 02, 2018, 11:04:33 AM »
Eventually, I finished sculpting the pelvis:

Once it was smoothed out and polished, it was time to mold. I started with the front section:

Here it is somewhere in the middle of the process:

The mold ended up being five parts: front, back, left, right, and top. Here's the mold nearly complete:

Once the last section had cured, I pried them all apart:

Then I got to polishing the insides:

The polished mold sections were coated with mold release and then bolted back together:

Laying up the part went pretty quick. Here I am pulling the mold apart:

Once I had it out of the mold, I had to try the pelvis on:

It still needed some trimming, but it looked good:

Stacked up with the waist and chest, it looked good too:

Along the way somewhere, I attached the toe to the rest of the boot with a hinge:

They were shaping up nicely:

Meanwhile, started finishing and basecoating a lot of the parts. Here's the thighs:

And the forearms:

The calf parts were a ways behind:

I still had a lot of work to do on the chest. Here’s some of the tiny detailing:

I was almost ready to paint the shoulders too:

On the shoulders, there's all of the lettering to deal with. A while back I had all of the letters cut in thin styrene on a laser cutter:

To prep for paint, they were sanded lightly before removing the waste plastic:

Tape was applied to the backside to keep everything neat and in order when the letters were placed on a piece of cardboard:

Once they were all taped to the cardboard, I sprayed on a couple coats of primer:

After that dried, I sprayed on the gold:

I sculpted the shape for the rubber knee parts:

It came out okay:

I also made the prototype for this little hinge detail that will be repeated a few times on the armor. Here it is at the top of the shoulder:

Later in primer:

Then in gloss with a couple of purity seals:

I can't really do any more painting until I have the hinge details cast. But I couldn't resist the urge to put just a bit of silver on this detail on the shoulder:

Somewhere along the way we did another quick rigging test with the stilts:

I think it'll work.

The kid in the armor in that pic is about 5'3". Maybe a bit shorter:

In fact, we can almost fit her into the shin if she kneels:

About that time, I cast a bunch of the hinge details:

Here's a pair installed on the left shoulder:

And one of the two on the right shoulder:

Eventually, we finally basecoated the shoulders:

That's not much of a view, but it doesn't matter much because all you're looking at is the shiny silver basecoat. Just like you can see here on the pelvis:

And these other parts:

The back of the lower legs were fitted with plywood flats to allow them to bolt onto the stilts:

These were fiberglassed into place with the shin plates clamped on to ensure that everything would align properly once the glass had cured:

I also went ahead and cobbled together the vent details for the chest:

They came out okay:

Somewhere along the way I also installed a series of rings to hold the hoses on the upper chest:

I also installed the vent louvers in the back:

They came out okay, but my chocolate lab "Tiki" (aka "Moop the Spastic Dog Noodle") was not impressed:

I also made a quick and dirty version of the heraldry shield for the left shoulder:

This simple piece of foam was sanded to about the right contour, skinned over with Bondo, then sanded furiously:

A few coats of primer and it was good to go:

Once it was glossy and waxed, I prepped it for molding:

The mold was a simple, one-piece, fiberglass job:

Which separated from the original prototype cleanly:

Thanks to a copious layer of mold release:

Then I polished up the mold, coated it with more release agent, and laid up a copy of the shield:

It too came out of the mold easily:

Then it was just a matter of trimming and painting. Here it is nearly done and ready to mount:

I also sculpted out a quick and dirty belt buckle detail with the help of a 3D printed skull:

Along the way, my friend Sierra helped me out by tuning up the last bits of the sculpt for the right hand:

Then I made one of the ugliest rushed molds I've ever made:

The first cast came out okay:

Then it was time to get started on converting the right hand sculpt into a left hand sculpt:

Again, Sierra took the lead on that:

Then I molded it too:

But I was getting into crunch mode for the Maker Faire, so photography became less important.

While all of this was going on, I put my new assistant Madison to work making magnetic purity seals:

The wax seals are just resin casts with holes drilled into the backside to fit rare earth magnets before painting and adding the fabric text strips:

We may have gotten carried away:

Not pictured: the first round of fifteen purity seals tucked away in a bag somewhere.

The real nightmare though, was the lettering. You may remember that I had a huge pile of laser-cut styrene letters that I'd painted gold. Now it was time to start gluing them in place. The first step was to arrange them in their assigned spaces:

Each row was then covered with painter's tape so the backing could be peeled off:

Then, one by one, the outline of each letter was scored into the part below, the paint was scratched off so the glue could adhere directly to the part, the letter was bent slightly by hand to conform to the curve of the part it was glued to, and then, finally, it was glued in place. It was kind of a pain:

Moop the Spastic Dog Noodle was not impressed.

Not at all:

The little letters were truly a pain:

But given that there were three or four of us doing the work, it could've been worse:

It was Sierra who had the dubious honor of installing the very last letter:

With all of the lettering in place, I could finally get a start on the weathering. For this project, it was just a simple matter of a quick blackwash to bring out the details and dumb down the chrome paint to look more like old, well-polished steel, while tarnishing the gold to an appropriately old look as well:

Then Madison picked out a few details on the hands with flat black:

Here's a snapshot of the chest with the shoulders bolted on and the helmet wedged in place:

While I still had a few more pieces to make before doing the final rigging to make it wearable, I did manage to get this guy tied together enough to at least work as a statue for the Bay Area Maker Faire last month. He looked about like so:

Mortal for scale:

I know the polearm was wrong,  U was also missing the storm bolter.

That part was an easy fix:

For the force halberd, I started by making some vacforming bucks out of MDF:

The parts were formed in styrene. Then I trimmed out the vent holes and lined them with screen mesh:

Somewhere along the way I 3D printed this little widget:

So here's the hilt section of the halberd all together:

With the handle installed, it was just a bit too big for me to be able to take pics in my shop:

But that didn't stop me from taking silly pics:

Eventually I got around to putting a coat of primer on it:

But it didn't start to really pop until I began putting on the base colors:

With the weathering done and the purity seals added, it really looked the part:

I also finally got around to priming and painting the storm bolter parts:

Here it is mounted to the left forearm:

Which prompted a bit more silliness:

Then it was time to re-rig the thighs to the pelvis:

And set them back on the lower legs:

This beast is still not small. Even with the legs all scrunched up:

Somewhere along the way I also added this little book detail to the left shoulder:

A few days later I was visiting a friend's shop with a truckload of goodies and decided to try this guy on:

There was a bit of silliness:

Sadly, I didn't get any pics of me wearing the whole thing. This is as close as we got:

I did get a few good pics of him in statue mode though:

Then I decided to park him at a friend's house where he'll be displayed for the foreseeable future. I had to shorten the halberd though, since the ceiling wasn't high enough:

So that's basically a done thing.[/QUOTE]

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Re: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator
« Reply #19 on: September 03, 2018, 04:12:22 AM »

(jaw drops...)
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Re: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator
« Reply #20 on: September 08, 2018, 08:50:41 AM »
Woaw !! My friend this armour looks gorgeous !! A great display of our chapter armoury. Today the Emperor would like to reward you not with one but three purity seals !! When i will start my own GK project, i will have your own thread open as a source of inspiration. Though i will build it with foam. Have you an idea how heavy the whole suit is ?
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Re: Full Scale Grey Knight Terminator
« Reply #21 on: November 29, 2018, 03:50:33 PM »

This is immaculate mate,  outstanding attention to detail and I always learn new ideas from your
Step by step pics.
The lazy susan idea is pure genius!

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