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Author Topic: Short Story. The Failure...  (Read 658 times)

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Short Story. The Failure...
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:47:24 AM »
This isn't normal..
Nothing of this teleportion has been normal.
We stood next to eachother, Armored and ready to face my brother.
But when the light of teleport faded, so were my father and brother.
I was alone in a cargo room with 10 of my Fists and 4 of my fathers custodes.
We searched the hold, but no sight of them was found..
Nor the other sons both me and my brother brought with us..

We pushed on, we faced resistance from my brother's sons.
Seeing them now, up close for the first time, I see how far they have fallen.
My group make our way to the ships bridge.
We are delayed despite of the speed we try to keep by sheer numbers of mortals alone.
As we get closer to our goal, and right before we enter the bridge..
I can't shake this feeling in my chest, this.. alien sensation.
It's a hand of ice.. it grips my heart.
First i believe its one of my brother's Sorcerers trying to crush my heart, but..
I remember what i heard mortals say when they are scared, when the weakness of human fear grip them..
This.. Is Fear..? For a primarch to feel fear is as alien as a traitor to my father.
Then again, 9 of my brothers have betrayed my father, for reasons alien to me.

No.. not 9. 8 went willingly, the 9th was forced to turn in order to survive.
He was loyal, but unguided. I still curse my brother for his headlong act of his duty.

We had arrived at the entrace of the bridge. The ice in my heart threaten to overwhelm me..
We blast the doors open, and rush inside..
And my heart dies at what we see. My sight turn black and grey.
My brother, my angelic brother, lies dead on the floor. further away i see my trecherous brother dead as well.
But all this is blocked out for the third person laying on the floor.. Eyes closed..
I scream my fathers name, I rush towards him, knocking one of my fathers guardians who happen to stand in my way.
My brother's son's flee at the sight of me, fear, is written clear on their face's.

I kneel next to my father, see the horrific damaged done to him by my trecherous brother.
I scream an order to the Custodes, demanding a teleport beacon and a return to the Palace.
My sons carry the body of my Angelic brother. I see his face as the light of the teleport start.
It written in sorrow.
I look to my father i hold in my arms. The ice feeling on my heart is gone..
I feel nothing. My heart is dead. I think a single sentance as we teleport away..

I have Failed...

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