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Author Topic: Savlar Chem Dog  (Read 1263 times)

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Savlar Chem Dog
« on: October 16, 2013, 10:56:31 PM »
Well hello everyone! I had an old account here a while ago "captain drakaar" which i decided to change as the site didn't recognize me as a legitimate captain. so now im back!  :D

To the point

Hallows eve is quickly approaching as i have about a week to make a costume i decided to go with the easiest 40k costume imaginable. A savlar chem dog. Although the internet sees them as ridiculously thin pale women in green bikinis and a respirator, i love the idea. basically im going to get a whole bunch of cool stuff i have from old projects and thrift stores and strap it to myself.
the layering is what makes or breaks this costume.

(my apologies i took pictures but i cant find the right cord to connect it so ill just have to upload pictures a tad later)

the layering:
-Dark brown turtle neck (i sanded it down to add a weathered affect)
-a dark tan trench coat, sleeves ripped off (i dont actually have this yet)
-imperial guard chest and back plate, bolt gun (i cut it down to just the bare minimums)
-over all that is the best part! various bandages and patches to make it all look worn and torn (i used an old white v-neck i got for another costume and cut it into strips then coffee stained them)

weapons (my favoritist part):
-bolt pistol, foam flooring (spray painted a weird green and black, looks terribly amazing)
-ork shoota, foam flooring (basically the same deal^^)
-las gun, im deciding between wood and foam
-grenades (picked em up at the dollar store)
-combat knife i already had

Accessorize your look!:                                        i had to make a pun (of some sort) somewhere
-combat boots at an army surplus store
-rubber respirator, currently $10 at party city
-goggles, i used ski goggles got them for $2
-armor plates, made from foam
-spiky bits. (i got a few bracelets and chains of sorts im going to wear)
-various bits of metals or shiny things, these guys are looters.

-I weather weather weather, even when i paint miniatures, who wants to see someone clean?
-real dirt looks real
-coffee helps
-this whole thing is going to cost around USD $40
-i love input and pointers of all sorts, even if its suggestions or "good idea". I like to know people are reading this and care. :D
-if you did something like this can you put a link here so i can check it out for reference?
-once again im sorry about the pictures ill have em up tomorrow or friday

Thanks for reading and feedback :) and have a good one
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Obscurus Crusade  |  Costuming  |  Imperial Guard & Imperium  |  Savlar Chem Dog

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