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Author Topic: Forum Rules & FAQ  (Read 3192 times)

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Forum Rules & FAQ
« on: September 28, 2013, 10:59:42 PM »
Forum Rules

Don't be a jerk.

No porn.

SMF forum software is a frequent target of automated spambots. To give you an idea of what the forum admins deal with, on a single day this forum used to see upwards of 60 new registrations per day that would be caught by the one anti-spam SMF mod we had running. We had to manually sift through each entry, determine its validity, and then either approve or reject. Additionally, at least twice per week we'd have one actually make it through the CAPTCHA and forum question-and-answer session, avoid our spam filter, and start shit-posting penis enlargement links on the threads.

To that end, we've beefed up security. Newly-registered members may be asked to enter a CAPTCHA and/or answer one or two questions before making a post for the first 2-3 posts (or sending PMs). Additionally, the first three times you post, you won't be allowed to post any links. So our suggestion is to first visit the forum introduction thread, then find a few build-threads or gallery threads that look neat, and comment on them. After that, you should be able to post links in your own build thread.

Please limit file uploads to either PDF or Pepakura ONLY. Crediting others (or yourself) for their (your) work is the hallmark of a good organisation or community. It's also good artistic integrity. In your file description, you need the following information: who ripped the file, who unfolded it, and what game the file came from. If this information isn't known, indicate that you don't know. You also need a photo of a completed assembly, or a screen-capture of the object. This gives people an idea what the file looks like before they download it. Files that do not contain this criteria will be subject to editing or removal.

Please rate other files *after* you download them. Where possible, feedback to the file owner is appreciated.

Usage of the photo gallery to store your images constitutes consent to have your images displayed in public. Web/forum admins may use the photos for non-profit showcase of the Obscurus Crusade for demonstrative purposes. Please attribute cosplayers (preferably including forum account) and photographers. If the information isn't known, indicate that you don't know.

Do not post offers of commissions. Games Workshop is very protective of their intellectual property, and have shut down people in the past. They're not afraid to throw around cease and desist orders, and we don't want to get in trouble and get shut down. Sorry everyone!

Is being updated, so ask questions below and I'll answer them here.

What does the name mean?

It's a reference to Segmentum Obscurus, and a multilingual pun.

What is this board for?

This board is a repository of information on how to make costumes for Warhammer 40,000. The practice has picked up in recent years, and 40K cosplayers were scattered across many different 40K and cosplay sites. I wanted to collect all that knowledge and dedication and put it in one place, where experienced and beginner cosplayers could share tutorials and tips. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time someone wants to make a Death Korp of Krieg costume, after all.
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