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Author Topic: General Scaling Tutorial  (Read 5024 times)

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General Scaling Tutorial
« on: March 30, 2012, 04:05:00 PM »
Here is my method for scaling costumes.  This is not the only way to do this but it's the most effective way for me.

You only need a few things to make this work.

NOTE: If you would like to skip down to the easy method do so now.  But if you would like to know how the process and the mathmatics work keep reading.

1) A reference photo of the costume you wish to scale up:

2) A ruler so you can measure all the parts:
Printable rulers

3) Math
Determining Scale:
Your Height + Variance / Figure Height (CM) = Scale (CM)
Scaling pieces:
Piece Height (CM) * Scale = Final Height (CM)
Convert Final Height (CM) to Pepakura Height (MM)

(CM = Centimeters MM = Millimeters)

Or you can import all the data into my scaling Sheet found here:
Pepakuras Scaling Sheet .xls file
Pepakura Scaling Sheet .xlsx file

Step 1)
Print out your image.

Measure the entire height of the model from head to toe in Centimeters (CM).  This is your FIGURE HEIGHT (CM).

Next measure all of the component like helmet, sholders, chest, etc in CM.
Each of these measurements will be refered to as Part Size. Part Size - Shoulder, Part Size - Chest, etc

Step 2)
Determining the proper scale.
This is the number you need to enlarge the model to your height.

Take your height then convert it to CM.
(1 foot = 30.48 centimeters) Conversion Website - Feet to CM

(1 inch = 2.54 centimeters) Conversion Website - Inches to CM

The Proper Scale of your height to the model's height is the final number.

I am 6'4"
6 feet = 182.88
4 Inches = 10.16
Height in CM = 193  (I like to round out)

Step 3)
Determining Variance

First, you might ask why do I need a variance? Because you have scaled te suit up to exactly your height.  And you could not put on a hlem that is exactly the same size as your head.  So you need to add in cushion so the pieces fit on you and not IN you!  The variabce allows a level of error for bondo and padding and strapping too.

A good rule of thumb is having a variance of 8-10 CM larger than yourself. This is what I have found to be best, but you can go larger or smaller if you like.

So the variance is set by you.

Variance = between 8-10 ( I like 10)

Step 4)
Determining Total Height:
The Total Height is simple - You height CM + Variance = Total Height.

Step 5)
Determining Actual Scale:
Actual Scale is the number you will need to properly scale the pieces to your height.  Some call this the Magical Number.  But all it really is, is your height + the variance / the figure height. But to simplify it and to continue along in the process here is how you determine the Actual Scale.

Total Height / Figure Height = Actual Scale

Now you know that the drawing you have is 1:Actual Scale of you.  When you see the 1:250 scale on models it is basically saying that the model would need to be 250 times bigger to be actual scale. So now you know that the figure on the paper is 1:9 or 1:8 your actual size. Yay Math is fun!

Step 6)
Scaling parts.
Here is the easy part.  You take the Actual Scale number and multiply it by the Part Size you determined earlier.

Actual Size * Part Size = Height CM
Height CM * 10 = Height in MM

Step 7)
Changing the scale in Pepakura: (let me know if the images don't explain them selves.

You only have to change the Height to the number to got for the Height in MM.

Tada you now have a piece that is properly scaled to your height with enough variance to allow Bondo, glassing, padding and a few extra oreos if need be.

That is the long way to establish an actual wearable scaled costume from an Image.


1) Print out your reference photo
2) Measure all the parts and the height of the figure in CM
3) Download the Pepakura Conversion Kit (you only need to change the red areas)
4) Insert your height in Feet and Inches at the top of the sheet
5) Adjust the Variance between 8-10 as you like (or leave it as it is)
6) Insert the Figure Height CM
7) Insert the Part Size CM

and the sheet will determine the Actual Scale for each piece.

8) Insert the number from the green area into Pepakura under the 2D Menu -> Change Scale -> Scale Factor -> Height

9) Rearrange the pieces and Tada parts scaled to your size.

Let me know if I can improve on this tutorial in any way.

Obscurus Crusade  |  Costuming  |  General Costuming  |  Warhammer 40K Cosplay Tutorials  |  General Scaling Tutorial

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