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Space Marines / ultramarine et black templar
« Last post by gaetan on April 17, 2019, 03:10:41 PM »
bonsoir a tous , il y a longtemps que je ne suis pas pasé par le forum mais je le lis regulierement . donc depuis tout ce temps j ai fait un nouveau costume de black templar mais cette fois pour mon fils , voici des photos de nous , en esperant que cela vous plaise
Imperial Guard & Imperium / Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
« Last post by Centauri-Works on April 17, 2019, 02:58:37 PM »
++ UPDATE 02 ++

It's Chainsword time !

Here's the model i used , it isn't mine but it's very decent :

Okay so , if anyone is considering 3D printing at home , i highly recommend getting Simplify3D ( one way or the other ... ) . I mean , Cura is a brilliant software for slicing , but Simplify3D just has a lot more options and presets that allows you to considerably cut down on printing time .

My first bits were printed through Cura , took an average of 18h per print , my 3D printer is next to my bed , and we have random power outage some times during the night , so the printing conditions were less than great ( yay for being a College student in a dorm trying to make Props ) and i spent 2 very crappy nights , but if it's for the Emperor , then ... Guess it's not so bad .

Then , i finally figured out why i had issues with Simplify3D ( it kept trying to print in the corner of my print bed and in mid-air on top of things , it so happened that my specific model of printer wasn't in the list and that the printbed settings were a couple centimetres off , so i just created a custom profile for my WanHao Duplicator i3 Plus because i'm not using the latest version of Simplify3D and it's lacking profiles regarding WanHao printers ) .

I kept the two first " screwed up " pieces a while but i kept printing , cutting print time in half for the next pieces . I even started printing them two by two , taunting the Tzeentch cultist working for the local electrical company to cut the power mid-print again . But the Emperor protects , it didn't happen .

Up and up she went .

Crappy pics made with my phone at 2am with poor indoor lighting . Awesome novels for scale reference :P

Unless you printer is fine-tuned , i highly NOT recommend to attempt printing that kind of details :

Using different printing profiles with Simplify3D i was able to get a high quality print just for the layers where the tiny text was set in the handle , but it still turned out meh . There's about a metric ton of supports printed over the text and removing it usually rips off tiny bits off the letters , you're better off finding a store that does laser cutting nearby and get them laser-cut in a sheet of styrene or something that you'll glue on the blank version of the handle .

The only issue i have with the model is the way it's meant to be assembled , with a bunch of small connector pins . In order to reinforce the structure i drilled through each part and inserted two wooden dowels that run through the whole length of the blade . It does reinforce the overall structure , but subsequently weakens individual pieces because the infill was quite heavily damaged in the process . This is further incentive to make my own model later .

I was soon faced with a very , VERY annoying issue . Despite the amount of epoxy glue i used to make sure the pieces were permanently glued together , small gaps remained , and no amount of filler , sanding and priming seemed to be able to get rid of them . I emptied a tube and half of glue , but it seemed there was still enough movement - almost none but still enough - to make the filler and primer crack . After 5 or so passes of filler , i gave up ...

Worse even , it looks good from a distance , but those seams are still there nagging me , visible from up close , and every coat of primer or paint only seemed to make them more obvious . Infuriating .

So for the most obvious seam , i just decided to print some Aquilas to cover them up . It would help to hide the seam and add a little detailed . Kill two Heretics with one stone , or something like that ...

The primed product , ready for painting . I'm going to go for a red and golden scheme , stay in the global tones of the costume . Might go for a darker scheme when i make another Chainsword later .

Right now i'm just scavenging home , trying to find a bit of brown and black acrylics to weather the sword a little bit after i'm done painting it . I hate pristine props . Nothing is clean in the grim dark future ...

Also , on a side note , don't do what i did and use and old can of filler that's been opened for two years because you're too broke to afford a new one , the stuff comes out half dry from the tub and and it coarse and crappy to apply U_U

Imperial Guard & Imperium / Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
« Last post by Centauri-Works on April 16, 2019, 07:45:15 PM »
++ UPDATE 01 ++

Right , so ...
Regarding the stuff i already have :

The trench coat , by Musterbrand ( you'll have to apologise the crappy pictures , i have a great many things , time and a good camera are not one of them ... )
It still very much has a deep red colour and not that vaguely discoloured pink-ish hue the picture shows .

The breeches , from Epic Militaria . If you're looking for good quality breeches , look no further , they're worth every cent ! I can never recommend Epic Militaria enough for quality costuming bits and affordable Reenactment supplies .

The boots , both the Equestrian dressing boots and the Military Officer jackboots . Worn both pairs quite a few hours , the leather is soft , but after a day of Trooping , you better have a Guardsmen around to pull them off your feet because you will need some help !

The 50's post war German Officer boots , flat top , slightly shorter , " man sized " ( meaning slightly more room ) .

The modern British equestrian boots , Spanish top ( higher on the outer side of the leg ) , women boots ( quite tight ) . Also , not made for walking . Much less so for wearing all day while on your feet . Trust me .

I'm having trouble deciding which ones to wear ...

Guess i'll try both pairs once i get the jacket . So far i'm more convinced about the first one , rule of comfort . And they have a more military look to them , the second pair i love too but they really look like horse-riding boots ...

Imperial Guard & Imperium / + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
« Last post by Centauri-Works on April 16, 2019, 12:49:10 PM »
Whelp , i haven't had the occasion to bring the Cadian armour i started building from the UK yet , so i'm currently stuck with that project until i can get it back , so i decided to move on and start working on another costume that i've always wanted to make : the iconic Commissar !

I started the costume something like 2 months or so ago ( more like started paying for it ... ) , and i want to have it - if not finished - at least wearable for early may in order to attend the anniversary of our local GW store in costume :D
There are many illustrations , and the uniform seem to slightly vary depending on the illustrator making the Art .
So i've decided to mostly build the costume based on this well known cover from Salvation's Reach :

So i'm keeping a build log here , documented with pictures and all kinds of tips i might be able to give out , learn from my mistakes so you'll be able to save time and money :P

Okay , first things first , let's get one thing straight :

This isn't a cheap costume .

If you think you'll make a Commissar costume for under a 200€ , forget it , do something else .
I don't know if it's " correct " for me to say it ( and frankly i don't give a frak ) , but cheap Commissars are my pet-peeve . Black coat found in the attic , military ranger boots , random black jeans and a vaguely military looking jacket with a Halloween foam chainsword bought at your local supermarket with a cheap surplus Soviet cap with your sister's red scarf as a sash , no thanks ...
Same thing with cheap Imperial Officers when it comes to Star Wars . As a member of the 501st Legion , i strive for a certain level of accuracy and quality , for all kinds of costumes i make . An Officer costume of any Fandom is supposed to be sharp , well-tailored . You're embodying authority and discipline , you have to look the part too . The uniform has to fit and not be loose , you should shave and take off any obvious facial piercing as they would be non-reg in the Astra Militarum , especially so in the Commissariat . You'd probably be flogged ...

So , here's the plan , in orange is what i absolutely need to make this costume wearable for May :

  • Cap : I'll go for a German peaked visor cap . I know the Soviet ones have the right-ish colours off the bat , but they lack the distinctive peak in the front . So that's a no-no .
Status : Will order soon from Epic Militaria , a very reliable Reenactment website . They offer the possibility of changing the piping colour too . So i'll get a black visor cap from the Allgemeine SS division , have the piping changed to red , remove the insignas and replace the silver buttons and chincord with golden ones . And i mean proper golden-bullion stuff , not crappy yellow strings .

  • Jacket : The Jacket Shop , UK based store that manufactures high-quality uniforms .
Status : I've ordered it two months ago , paid for it weekly and i have worked with The Jacket Shop to modify the uniform a little for accuracy purposes . It is of course tailor-made to fit me . One thing that is very odd with them is that they ask not for your measurements but for the garments measurements . Meaning you give them directly the measurements they'll cut the fabric too . It's a bit frustrating and i hope it'll fit properly , at this point i can only pray the Emperor it will , otherwise i'll soon receive a very expensive but ill-fitted jacket .

  • Epaulettes : Ebay to the rescue .
Status : Will order soon from Ebay , there are a lot of vendors selling what they call " marching bands " epaulettes , made from proper golden-bullion cords . I'll embellish them with a golden skull or aquila to make them feel more " Warhammer-y " . I'll probably attach them with magnets in case i want to wear them straight on the jacket rather than over the stormcoat .

  • Stormcoat : The good old Musterbrand trenchcoat will do . It's not entirely accurate , but it's close enough . I will most likely ditch it for a cloak later .
Status : Got it a year or so ago , it will have to do . It's not completely accurate and it bothers me , but at least i can still wear it when it rains ( and Throne knows it rains a lot in this Kingdom ) . I will most likely ditch it soon and wear a cloak over the uniform , which is probably going to be a soviet plash palatka in the first place , later upgraded to a proper cloak made from waterproof canvas , perhaps in a specific camo pattern like German splittertarn ( splinter camo ) , or plain drab so i can paint the Cadian camo pattern over it .

  • Breeches : When you have various Imperial Uniforms for Star Wars , you already have those in a few colours .
Status : Got them a while ago for a Krennic costume , they come from Epic Militaria as well , very decent quality but a little itchy , so i recommend you wear stockings or something underneath , no joke . After a while you won't really notice the itch anymore , but they're defo not as comfy as your jeans . Garbardine fabric tends to be a bit rough .

  • Boots : See above . Also , WW2 Reenactment helps with leather boots .
Status : Got them . Got two pairs actually . One i use for Reenactment , the other for my Imperial Officer . The first one is a little shorter , flat topped , post-War German Officer jackboots . The second pair is a pair of tall , Spanish-top British equestrian boots . Those boots are not made for walking , put gel soles if you intend to wear them for extended period of times .

  • Belt : Base belt and buckle purchased from " Belting Imperials " . Mostly makes Star Wars stuff , but he's been able to help me out .
Status : My friend at Belting Imperials has ordered a golden / copper coloured buckle with a slight edge that i will embellish with ... A SKULL ! And also a small chain or so , just like in the illustration .

  • Sash : Will work on it with a fellow Cosplayer friend who has a sewing machine , because i don't . Also , can't sew for frak .
Status : Waiting for the jacket to arrive to start working on it .

  • Chainsword : I'll 3D print it .
Status : I've printed it two or so weeks ago , taking advantage of the Easter holidays to work on it a bit . I'm still having issues with it but i don't think i'll bother with it any longer , i just need a bit more paint for weathering and base colours . The current one is a free model from Thingiverse , but i'll upgrade it with a model of my own when i have the time , which College tends to suck up right now . I'm thinking about making an actual working one with a moving chain casted in rubber or something so it remains " con safe " . Or go for a Powersword . I'll probably make a small backpack too , like seen on the Officio Prefectus Commissar model and magnetise the Chainsword so i can carry it on my back , because i'm can't really figure out how to make a sheath for a Chainsword .

  • Bolt Pistol : It'll also be 3D printed .
Status : Still have to 3D model it myself . There are a bunch of good models on Thingiverse , but since i can model my own , i much prefer to use my own models . I don't like how the handles are modelled on most available models online , and it'll allow me to decorate it however i want . It'll be for later though , once i'm done with College . I'll also have to make a holster then . Luckily for me , i'm getting a leatherworking kit soon , so i might be able to make that holster myself . Worst case scenario , i have a leatherworking friend in the UK ...

  • Various details : Will most likely be bought online , scratch built and 3D printed
No 40K costume is complete without a few decorations ! So i'll probably make a few medals and badges to add details , an aquila or two to hang from my belt and the butt of my Bolt pistol .
No Macharian Cross of course , given my age i wouldn't have left the Schola too long ago , so i'll settle for the Eagle Ordinary  ;)
I'll get Collodion scarring fluid from Amazon or something , because scars are cool , and everybody has scars in 40k , especially Commissars . Also , coloured lenses are a must since i'm going specifically for a Cadian . I might build a flag pole and get the Cadian 8th flag printed later too . I've also been considering getting some greaves or something to make carapace leg armour , but i think it'll also be really cool to build bits of Cadian armour to go over my uniform such as the shin-guards and the shoulders , paint them black , and have the markings in gold instead of white . Most definitely going to make a Refractor field gorget at some point too .

All right , that's it for the planning , explanation , i'll update with pictures soon !
Hoping no bugs have decided to commit suicide by sticking themselves on the paint i've applied on my Chainsword earlier , i'm so done with sanding right now ...
Space Marines / Re: Thurgan: White Scars Primaris Lieutenant
« Last post by ViolentDream on April 07, 2019, 01:47:08 PM »
Progress pics! Slowly but surely...

Pinning torso heraldry (setting it up for contact cement)

Bought and used El Tape for the helmet eyes...I can't see through them so I'll be doing a workaround on where to peep out of the helmet

I propped him up on top of my workstation so he'll be constantly looking down at me saying "YOU WORK ON ME NOW! FINISH ME!"

So yeah, just saw Shazam!

Naah, Jag would kill me if I left it to look like Shazam's logo (well, not entirely). So I've finally cemented it.

started on the double Powerfists! More on this next time!

Imperial Guard & Imperium / Re: starting a cadian guardsman!
« Last post by segurilisstudios on April 04, 2019, 04:32:12 PM »
I am super sad that all the image files are broken on my machine. I am starting a Cadian set too (and modding a NERF Vulcan to be a tripod-mounted Heavy Bolter) and would LOVE more references and help.

Don't worry is better be slow than fast, i was thes last weeks repairing my guardsman for this weekend, and i made a lasgun with pepakura that i try to upload soon, the heavy bolter can be awesome hehehe sorry for my bad english is not my native lenguage i hope can respond to you correct, good luck with your cadian suit! I want to see soon heheh
Imperial Guard & Imperium / Re: Imperial Guard Las-Gun
« Last post by DoctorDiscord on March 28, 2019, 04:04:14 AM »
Anyone else have broken photos? I really want to see this.
Imperial Guard & Imperium / Re: starting a cadian guardsman!
« Last post by DoctorDiscord on March 28, 2019, 04:01:39 AM »
I am super sad that all the image files are broken on my machine. I am starting a Cadian set too (and modding a NERF Vulcan to be a tripod-mounted Heavy Bolter) and would LOVE more references and help.
The damage and weathering look awesome!! Using an airbrush by chance? Keep up the great work!
Build Log Update 43: Lower Limbs finished.

Finally finished painting the lower limbs of the terminator =) really pumped. See below for all the cool snaps.. outside in natural light was really good to see it come together.

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