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Space Marines / Re: Thurgan: White Scars Primaris Lieutenant
« Last post by ViolentDream on November 04, 2018, 12:21:24 PM »
I've written some lore for Thurgan. After reading "Scars" and "Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris", I was so stoked to give my new project some character and an interesting, although convoluted story.

Thurgan Shi Zong of the Talaskars
He was already at the side of the Warhawk of Chogoris even before he attained the title. Even before becoming the Primarch of the White Scars. Ten summers after his arrival on Chogoris, as their tribe moved to their winter settlements, Jaghatai Khan was traveling on a mountainside with a group of his followers. A vast avalanche pushed him and his group back down the mountain, killing the normal men. All except Jaghatai and Thurgan. They had survived, but they both could not get back up the mountain in time before the tribe moved on. Khan was caught by one of the Palatine's hunting bands lead by the son of that ruler. He had hidden Thurgan in a pile of snow, giving him specific instructions to try and catch up with his tribe and bring news that he would allow himself to be captured by their enemies. All that returned of that band was one mutilated rider with the head of the son of Palatine and a note saying that the people of the steppes were no longer his toys.
Thurgan stayed loyal to the Warhawk. He was considered a staunch, ferocious ally. When the Khan was found by his father, the Emperor and given the honor as Primarch, he immediately secured Thurgan’s place by his side and had him undergo the trials to be reborn as a hulking White Scars Space Marine.
He served the White Scars in almost every battle in the crusades. He found tirelessly against the Orks of the Chondax System and was even present at the Siege of Terra during the Horus Heresy.
When Jaghatai was in pursuit of the Drukhari who had savaged Chogoris following the Battle of Corusil V with his 1st Brotherhood, and disappearing through a Warp Gate, Thurgan was also left alone with a handful of loyal Chigori brethren.
Once the Warhawk disappeared and the loyalty of some of the White Scars started to wane, Thurgan took the lead into trying to contain the situation. With only a handful of loyal Chogori White Scars by his side, they were outnumbered by their brethren of Terran origin, who were then turning to side with Horus’ cause. He tried convincing the White Scars of Terran origin that siding with Horus was the wrong decision. Sadly, most of them did not listen and thus started attacking the loyalists.
Thurgan and his men were able to hold them off until their Primarch teleported himself back. He revealed what he'd learned to his White Scars, both loyal and traitor, with the former, even just upon seeing his return, immediately regretted their decision. The pro-Horus faction surrendered instantly. Shamed of their doubt, they put themselves in their loyal brothers’ and their Primarch’s mercy.
This sealed the fate of the Terran White Scars. Some were executed, while the rest were formed into suicide squads called the Sagyar Mazan and were sent out to kill traitors until they themselves died.
Jaghatai was greatly pleased with how Thurgan handled the insurrection. He made him Lieutenant of the First Brotherhood. Thurgan’s joy at being granted with such an honor was shortlived, however, as soon, his Primarch once again disappeared without him, into the Warp. This time, far longer.
Even without his old friend and Primarch, Thurgan has continued to serve his brethren. He has remained in his rank, but is now wearing Primaris Power Armour, as a mark of his famous skill in adapting to the times. His old armour, consisting of Mk. II, Mk. III, and Mk. IV pieces and livery throughout the centuries, is hidden away for now. He has sworn to wear it again when his Primarch returns in their time of need.   

Here he is in his old armour:

He mixed and matched some old pieces throughout his campaigns, as each piece meant a lot to him. He honors his White Scars brethren deeply, and at the same time, wears new tech for added advantage in battle. Hence, sporting the advanced Primaris armour set.
Space Marines / Re: Thurgan: White Scars Primaris Lieutenant
« Last post by ViolentDream on November 04, 2018, 12:15:20 PM »
So yeah, my original plan was to start on this January 2019. But I had to start sooner because my free time came earlier than expected! I wouldn't want to undergo a year on this project. Been there, done that.

Getting back to the project details, I'll be using focusing on 2 powerfists. So I already have .stl's of Gary Sterley's powerfist (bought those from him, you should, too!). As well as using his and Henrik Pilerud's template for the Powerfist forearm. I used this in my previous project, as well.

Here it is:

And here's what I did with it last time:

This time, though, the inner mechanism I'll be using for both Powerfists will no longer be the string/marionette style. I've decided to use a linkage system.
I've been tweaking some prototypes and having to scale it up to fit the 3d printed fingers. So when I've traced these into 2d and built them into 3d and into a .stl file, I'll have to make it stick or fit-form into the 3d printed fingers.

If you see the sketch, I'll be adding some sloping or curved details onto the left powerfist's forearm.
Space Marines / Thurgan: White Scars Primaris Lieutenant
« Last post by ViolentDream on November 04, 2018, 11:44:57 AM »
Greetings to my sisters and brothers here in the OC.

I've finally found time to work on a new set of power armour.

My last project here was in 2013, my Space Wolf Grey Hunter named StormClad.

Took me 3 years to finish him as I was on and off the project having focused on work and family during those years.

He's now just laying back in HQ:

Downing kegs and bottles, catching up on his reading.

Here's the build thread for StormClad:


Let me introduce you to Thurgan Shi Zong of the White Scars.

If you've read my build thread with StormClad before, I do a lot of planning prior to building. So before I got my hands dirty, I did some sketches and wrote some lore about him.

Here's what he will look like:

Yes, he's in Primaris Power Armour. And he's also the Lieutenant of the White Scars First Brotherhood.

I did the sketch so I know what pep files to download and edit. And also to plot out the livery and the chapter markings. I'm a big tabletop and lore nut so
it does matter to me what I put on my miniature, erm, let's just call it power armour regardless of the size, hehe.

Color patterns are so easy to visualize and change when you sketch it out first. I learned that during my first few foam projects.

You can also easily plot out battle damage on a sketch so it will look realistic when you do it on the armour itself.

Plan is to make this big guy around 7.5 feet. So yeah, stilts AGAIN. I did a working powerfist before, coupled with a bolt pistol. With Thurgan, I want to do 2 powerfists: one being a working powerfist / lightning claw. It should have a red LED lightup gimmick to it so it blends with the red, white and gold color scheme of the entire armour. The other powerfist, on the other hand (hehe), will be a forearm stormbolter.
General Discussion / Re: DragonCon 2019: Warhammer 40K Fan-film
« Last post by Gowin on November 02, 2018, 07:07:24 AM »
Fan-made film by the reddit community? Man, now I'm even more hyped up for the DragonCon. haha
Mutants, Xenos, and Heretics / Re: Fantasy Dark elf
« Last post by BaelVect on November 01, 2018, 02:58:12 AM »
Executioner helmets are for sale on my etsy. VaulsAnvil. For patterns used, I designed/freehanded them myself feel free to ask/message me for advice.
Mutants, Xenos, and Heretics / Fantasy Dark elf
« Last post by BaelVect on November 01, 2018, 02:56:37 AM »
Hello everyone, just joined this forum was only active before on the facebook group. Wanted to post what I've got here. Much earlier this year I did my first big foam costume which was a Fantasy Dreadspear with all 12.7mm floor mats, came out good for my experience with foam (almost none)

I've sewn multiple color variations/upgrades of my robes. I have a gold detailed purple cotton surcoat, and a purple linnen surcoat (much better) without details, then I have a black overcoat ready to sew with a black base robe ive yet to sew as well.

Im currently working on a Har Ganeth Executioner
and reworking my Dreadspear to be upgraded into a Dreadknight/Dreadlord (rebuilding all the armor)

Follow my work on instagram - PatrickGallaher 
I will be working on more fantasy and 40k eldar/elf in the future
Space Marines / Re: Black Templar Chaplain
« Last post by honza5110 on October 31, 2018, 03:51:45 PM »
repair of chest and collar
Space Marines / Re: Black Templar Chaplain
« Last post by Alnehin on October 31, 2018, 10:23:10 AM »
Imo, this belt buckle is better than the previous, as the previous looks a bit like...a Chaos Star :D
Space Marines / Re: Black Templar Chaplain
« Last post by honza5110 on October 28, 2018, 11:19:36 AM »
unfunctional imperial skull probe.will be out of it buckle on belt
Space Marines / Re: Black Templar Chaplain
« Last post by honza5110 on October 28, 2018, 07:44:03 AM »
Thank you,we are happy because you wrote us
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