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Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on May 24, 2022, 09:14:52 PM »
Got some chonky hands progress pics to share. Managed to get some stuff cleaned up and put the finger tips and knuckle hinge pieces on. Here's the progression
You'll notice in the last 2 pics that the finger tips are really squared off. That's so I have a good base to glue the foam for the tips
These are oversize so I can sand them into shape
I sanded them in close with a 90 sander then fine tuned  the shape with some sandpaper and heat gunned them to tighten everything up
Making these gloves this way is a little bit of work, but I think they're far better looking than hockey gloves or lacrosse. Nothing against anybody that goes that route, but you can spot 'em a mile away. Next part was the hinges. Just simple round foam, cut and sanded with a dimple in the end to help sell it
The round stock gets a couple detail cuts to finish them off. The hand guard on the back of the fist still has to be made and detailed but these are almost done. These gloves are fairly simple construction with just flat shapes and bevels but the end result is worth it. Stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on May 21, 2022, 11:50:49 PM »
Got some glove progress pics to share. As I mentioned that I wasn't going to use hockey gloves this time around. I sacrificed a pair of old winter gloves for the build. I cut the guts out so they're just the shell. It gives you more room in between your fingers for the knuckle details. Here's the progression
You'll notice a big foam donut on the table. That's the cuff. I stretched some foam around my wrist making sure I could still get my hand in and out without difficulty. Once that was glued, I doubled the thickness and added some detail on the front
Then I glued the wrist of the glove home using hot glue
This double thickness will help soak up some of the gap in the wrist opening on the forearm and still give me good hand articulation. You may or may not be able to see the wrist details, but hey he's a librarian. Next I started gluing strips on top of the fingers to help bulk up the size. It will also give me something to glue the knuckle details on
I used Lucien's glove as a guide and started gluing the knuckle pieces on, leaving a gap for the hinge in-between.
Last time I used 6mm foam for the knuckles and it got too thick in between the fingers. I had to fake a couple joints on the middle fingers. This time I'll use 2mm foam on the inner joints. I all ready stacked up some scrap to try it and it should be OK. The little hinge pieces are foam dowel that will be cut and sanded to look the part like on Luciens
The finger tips get glued on and sanded to shape. But after about 5 hrs work these are already taking shape. The back of the hand guard will get doubled up in thickness also. That will have some details on it as well. That's all for now, stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on May 19, 2022, 09:21:09 PM »
Forearm update. Finished the genestealer head forearm. Had to wait for some 2mm foam to arrive. The ribbon got glued home and a few spots touched up
Now if you notice, the head with the sword through it is a touch off center. I tried to get it back but the cathedral piece behind forced me to center it on the opening. This would have been a mess to try and get off in 1 piece. I just went with it and hope that all the busy lines and ribbon curves distract the eyes enough to fake it. Anyhow, the other forearm is moving along
Still have the other side laurel to finish and some trim pieces at the elbow cuff. This 1 is a little more plain as far as the decorations. 1 thing to note, at this point I haven't done any battle damage to any pieces yet. I'll do that right at the painting stage. That's 1 part I really enjoy. Still have the gloves to think about. I'm going to use the same style as Lucien's (gluing details to winter gloves). I found that hockey gloves don't give my fingers enough freedom to grip weapons and such. Stay tuned, lots more on the way...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on May 14, 2022, 09:15:22 PM »
Got some goodies to share. I started detailing the biceps, elbows and forearms 1st. That way alot of the details could get doubled and go quicker. 1st up is the elbows. Pretty simple, has a few small items but still fun to knock them out
I added 1 more thickness to the inside on the bottom to make it really thick (no pic). I also used googly eyes for rivets. These will paint over nicely and look the part. You'll also notice the 3d printed bits on the elbow joint. The librarian skull is glued to a cap that hides the hardware that holds the elbow to bicep. Next is the biceps. These were also fairly simple.
Scrap PVC pipe and some foam makes for a good hydraulic type cylinder. Most of this is up under the shoulder pauldron and in the dark so probably out of sight. I'm still debating whether to add some type of ornate filigree work to it. After all it's a Librarians armor. We'll see.
Last is 1 of the forearms. This is the left. Here's the progression
The black material is heavy card stock to give it some different thickness. It's all about the layers.
You'll notice a fleur de lis up in the corners. Don't know why, but it's in the game pics if you look close enough.
I also used some PVC board, or sintra for the sword through the skull. The rest is details that are burned in with a soldering iron or Dremel texture
If you're careful with cutting your lines, you can get pretty good results when you open them up with a heat gun. Make sure you use nice sharp blades and connect your corners.
Last of the googly eyes. I'm beginning to like those. They're quick and easy. And cheap! I got 2 assorted size boxes of 500 for $10 ea. There's a couple minor add on trim pieces for the biceps and forearm yet. And the other forearm. Stay tuned...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on April 30, 2022, 09:57:52 PM »
Boots are knocked out. I started with plywood for the bottom of the heel and toe. I added to the template to square it off. The extra detail parts that bulk the boot up get glued the the end.
I bought some small hinges from Home Depot and screwed them home to make the toe pivot. I also made the small brackets from some thin angle iron and mounted springs in-between to make the toe return.
The whole board setup got covered with foam. This will give me something to glue the boot and toe onto
Now, something to note. I added on extra height to my boot and toe as compared to the files. And some of the parts got heavily modded or not used because of my toe pivoting.
As before, I had a scrap piece of wood that I measured from the floor to the center of my knee. This will help in determining the height of my risers in the boots.
I poked a piece of welding rod through the sides of the shin at the pivot point and put the notch of the wood underneath. I stacked an inch under the front part of the shin and let it rest on the top part of the boot right at the ankle. My stack up comes in at about "5-6. Now I can figure out how I want to mount my skate boots using that dimension. Any rate, boots are done
I think I'm at the point I can start detailing. The thighs I'm going to leave until I finalize the shape of the shins. There's quite a bit of add ons that make the inside of the knee thicker and I don't know what I'm dealing with yet. Now the real fun begins! Stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on April 21, 2022, 08:55:44 PM »
Shin progress report. Finished these up today. They're pretty simple as far as the shape goes. But... they're a pain the arse where the back sunken panels are.
You can see the original outline but I added extra onto the top. My shins aren't shaped like these and have some other stuff going on. You can also see I marked the center of the circular tab on either side. This is actually the height and point of rotation where your knee should be. What I did the 1st time to figure out my riser height was measure from the floor to the center of my knee and cut some scrap wood the same length. I put a small steel rod through the center point on both sides and stood my "leg" underneath the rod to see how much I needed underneath to make up the gap in the boot. I only needed about "5 total. These are the same scale files as before, so I won't have to refigure. Anyway more pics
Quick note, if you guys are using puzzle piece floor mats for your foam, make sure you sand the back waffle pattern a little bit. The contact cement doesn't like to stick to it otherwise. These mats are stamped with heat to texture the back and it's somewhat shiny and slick. You don't have to sand it completely smooth, just rough it up. If you guys have any questions about building this type of stuff, just ask.  Boots are next, gotta get some plywood and the spring brackets for the toes are being made at work. Stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on April 14, 2022, 08:37:14 PM »
Pelvis progress for today. Blazed through this part over a couple days. This part got heavily modded from the original template.
The front is pretty plain. The belt and buckle holder that goes all the way around is cut but needs to be sanded into shape and a ton of detailing done before it's glued on. I'll make the buckles removable like Lucien's. I plan on making the librarians buckle but want to be able to try some different 1s. If you notice in the 2nd pic that the crotch doesn't go all the way through. I had trouble last time with Lucien's and wound up cutting it down 3 times before it fit right. I looked through a space marine build on here by Kol Bader and saw that he did the same thing right from the start. I thought " He's onto something there". The back is a lobster tail and this will get a boatload of detail all the way around also. There's buckles for the side and rear armor plates that have to get cut in and a giant cup for the front. 1 other thing that I didn't do was put on the tall piece that's supposed to be the waist. You can't move or bend at the waist with this part. I did away with this on Luciens build and this 1 also. Next up is legs and boots. Legs are printed but still have to run the boots. Stay tuned, progress is rollin'...
Imperial Guard & Imperium / Re: Death Korps of Krieg Grenadier
« Last post by Tiberius on April 12, 2022, 03:04:27 PM »
Dude! That looks friggin awesome! Great job all the way around. The Hellgun is sweet. A well put together Krieg!! You should be proud 😉
Thank you!

Most of the armor is painted and weathered now.

Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on April 10, 2022, 08:51:21 PM »
Got the forearms and biceps knocked out. These were pretty simple shapes. I wrapped paper around 1 of the forearms to make a template and made a right and left
I glued a thin strip of 2mm on the inside to straddle the seam to give it some strength. These were a single piece of foam. When you make things like this, try to put your seams where they won't show as much. In this case, on the bottom. These will get a thickener strip on the inside of the back along with all the details.
Next was the biceps. These were a simple tube shape with cuts to accommodate my arm close to the torso.
I cut the hinges from "1/8 aluminum sheet and hammered them somewhat round to fit the inside of the bicep.
These got glued in on the centerline for both
I checked Lucien's elbow against these and it lines right up. This is about it for the upper body and arms. Next will probably be the pelvis. I think I have that printed but not transfered to hvy cardstock. I plan on doing some mods to that also to make it easier to build and get in and out of. Stay tuned, lots more on the way...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on April 09, 2022, 09:12:10 PM »
Last of the shoulder progress updates. Finished the other hand and hung both to evaluate. Something is off and concluded the the axles stick out too far and the gap in-between the body and pauldrons is too wide.
About the only thing I could do was cut the foam on the side of the body and sink it all the way to the wood. That would gain me about an inch closer on either side and save the weight of the spacers and shorter bolts. It's a big step to cut a huge hole in  the side but hey, already been there.
Sank it in and bolted it up. The results are better, I think
It puts me about "1 1/4 worth of gap
Now when everything is trimmed out the gaps will look right and it'll hide the bicep area a little more. I'll probably give him dual armpit shields anyway. That knocked him back to about "52 1/2 wide without trim. I may put a couple of shims under the bottom bolts to straighten the pauldrons out a little. On a side note, I knocked out the elbows . These were made from the templates but shrunk down a lot.
These will get trim pieces and 3d printed goodies like Lucien's
That's it for today, stay tuned for more...
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