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Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on October 01, 2022, 08:31:38 PM »
Incoming progress report and pics. Finishing up on the pelvis details and constructed the risers for the boots and mounted same. Pelvis detail pics
This back trim plate is pretty close to the same as Luciens. It gives me a stoping point with the foam round stock from side to side. That way if it goes crooked, you won't notice as much with the short distances.
Lion applied
As you can see in the progression, the round foam that I trimmed the leg openings with and then ran round foam for the ribbing. It's a lot of tedious cutting, but makes it worth it at the end. Also you can see some little Methane extraction vents on either side at the bottom. Hey, space marines eat beans too ya know.
I made a mounting clip for the tabard also. I had some snaps that were threaded on the end but weren't real long. I didn't want the lock nuts on the inside poking me in the stomach so I made some aluminum top hat style 1s to use instead.
That way I could screw the snaps in and it would be smooth on the inside. Everything mounted home is nice and clean

Next is the boot progress. I started with some aluminum rectangle tube cut to length. After removing the wheels from the skates I decided that I wouldn't have to cut the trucks off and would be able to use the holes to my advantage. Up inside are some ribbing that had to be dealt with, so I trimmed slots in the tube to accommodate  them.
After trimming out enough material so they sat snug, I marked and drilled holes through both sides to mount the skates
Now I had a solid base to mount to the boots. I stacked up some scrap wood to see how high of risers that I could get away with and determined about 5" or so from the bottom of my sole. I sketched out some ideas and none of them really grabbed me as "that's it!". Then I noticed some large diameter, thick wall PVC pipe scraps that were in a box. Then, "Aha!" I'll use that as a column to stand on. With the stack up of the aluminum tube, they only needed to be about 2" high. Here's the progression
Now how to screw them down so they're strong. I made a tap plate the goes on the inside so that I'm screwing into steel. Aluminum that thin isn't too strong and I was worried that I'd pull the treads out. I bolted the tap plate inside the tube and the bolted the hole thing to the bottom using 10mm flat head bolts. Again, I was worried about pulling the bolts through the wood so I made mounting plates to take the stress from the outside
Now I'd have to pull the bolt through the aluminum to break something. Everything mount down looks like this
I put these on and walked around out in the yard for about 10 minutes. Surprisingly I can move pretty good. Having been an ice hockey goalie for a long time, it felt like walking in skates and pads. You kind of duck walk with your feet pointed out. Also having the toe hinged helps out tremendously. If anyone is going to make a termie suit or even a space marine, I highly suggest hinging the toes. You won't be sorry! That's all for now. If anyone has questions, fire away. Stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Armor repaint
« Last post by FatherDamien on September 25, 2022, 06:32:52 PM »
Repainted armor for the 2022 Mesa County Library Comic Con here in Grandjuction, CO.

Entered the cosplay contest and won first place.
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on September 18, 2022, 09:09:47 PM »
So what the hell with this website? It was down going on almost a month! Anyway, lots of progress to report. Got the inside of the hood finished and painted.
All the interior LEDs are mounted and double checked for function
All the blue LEDs were making my phone wig out. It was having a hard time with all the blue light. All the LEDs on the halo part blink intermittent as I hoped they would. I found some glow in the dark paint that I'm going to hit some of the edges and corners of some of the gear inside the hood to make them stand out a little more.
Next is some of the work on the waist. I made a multi piece belt that's relatively flat so I could decorate it.
Couple of the badges were 3d printed and the rest burned in with a soldering iron.
Next up was some of his side thigh guards and rear armor plate
This clips onto the waist in the same manner as Luciens armor. I used the plastic quick clips
These were sunk in through slots and hot glued down before I closed in the armor halves.
This is the rear armor. It's not complete at the moment, it needs some laurels around the aquilla.
This is the other side, also not complete. Needs laurels and an outer frame.
I made the groin plate a little different also than Luciens. This 1 is flat so I could decorate it too.
This is going to have a rampant lion cut from foam.
Hand drawn place holder. And you can see the belt buckle.
That was cut from foam with a wooden insert inside before it was closed. That lets me screw the attachment piece on the back
You'll notice the 2 layers on the back. The smaller layer is PVC foam board. That's so I've got something solid to attach the leather hangers to the back side. I deciphered from the screen shots that the hangers are attached to the buckle and the tabard is attached to the waist. I've got that sorted out, just have to do it. Anyway, the buckle is done.
The only other thing I made was a relic shoulder pauldron guard.
That's where Brother Nicodemus stands at the moment. Stay tuned for lots more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on August 18, 2022, 08:50:44 PM »
Here's a few more details I added to the inside of the hood. It seemed a little bare in there, so I added on some psychic amplification goodies to the roof and the back of the neck panel
All the copper wire was bent with some flat needle nose pliers. I didn't glue them in yet for fear of painting over them. I think I'll leave them as is to give a little color to the bulkhead. The 3d printed aquilla will get painted gold. Also I couldn't help myself and had to slap some beginning layers of paint on the trim panels to get a feel for what it'll look like.
This whited out color scheme should make all the LEDs really pop. All the inside will get a light grunge wash but not too much so it stays bright. On a side note, I scored what I think is the right shade of blue for this particular armor skin in the game. I had bought a small sample and painted a patch on the hood. Not it, it was kinda Ultra marine blue. The blue I reselected was way darker with a hint of purple in it. To me it's spot on. You can't believe how hard it is for me right now to not start painting the torso. Still have lots of detailing to do on the bottom half of the body 1st. Ever onward, stay tuned...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on August 14, 2022, 12:01:11 AM »
Got some good progress done on the hood to share. I managed to knock out the halo inserts with the LEDs. But before I could glue them in, I had to sort out how I was going to close in the back of the neck area. I decided to close the whole back in with a bulkhead and add some details to it
The 2 crescent pieces on the side have 6 blinking LEDs and a blue strip in behind it. These went in 1 side at a time and man were they a bitch. I finished off the little gap at the top with a trim piece to make it look continuous. Next was the top of the head trim panel that has 4 rectangle shaped led marker lights. This was 2 layers and I sunk the wires into the bottom layer and out of the back.
The wiring will run along the edge where you can see it, but it'll get wrapped with corrugated loom to give it the mechanicus look. Here's some pics of this thing lit up in total darkness, some with flash some without.
This was no flash. My phone was having a hard time adjusting to all the blue lights. Here's 1 more with the lights on and you can see some of the intermittent blinking LEDs around the halo
Some of the LEDs blink at a faster rate than others which I was hoping for. I've got 2 small filler panels to make yet and then clean up the rats nest of wires and mount the rechargeable battery somewhere. The whole inside of the hood is going to get painted like a bone white color. Think like the computer "Mother" in the movie Alien. This should give it an aged look after I grunge wash it down. It should still glow pretty good too, I hope. Any comments or questions, ask away. Stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on August 06, 2022, 09:21:50 PM »
Greetings battle brothers, more progress to report. The last major hurdle is to detail the inside of the hood and hide the LEDs so you can't see them. I made some "brackets" to mount the LEDs and for the most part cover them. Here's the progression
There's enough of a ledge over hanging to block them out from outside view. I had some old computer mother boards that got sacrificed to the Emperor for some added aesthetics. Now there's no way I could paint in all the nooks and crannies when these are installed so I covered them real quick and added some extra wire
Right in the middle to cover the seam is a vox castor
This will get the same metallic treatment as the rest of the parts. I left the underside white to help with reflecting as much blue glow as possible. You won't see the unpainted part anyway. Working my way around and up, I made some detail plates for the cable mounts.
You'll notice the big round knobs on the plates and the same on the collarbone plates. I'm making a dampener or what looks like a shock absorber that mounts here. I've got some small  diameter wooden dowels to keep it lightweight. Next is the neck filler plate. There was a lot of figuring and brainstorming on this part. I had to make some support padding for the whole torso to rest on my shoulders. Once I figured out how it sat on my shoulders, I could gauge where my neck was and start making the template. Here's the results
I thought I was going to have to cut through the back to get my melon through there, but it fit! With room to spare! Now it was a matter of finishing up the trim parts. Here it is temporarily with the collarbone plates also
And with the LEDs lit up
All of this still needs to get glued home. I still have the "halo" strip that runs up and over the top of my head from those little shoulder plates. This also has blue LEDs attached. The whole hood should glow like hell when it's lit. That's about it for now. As always, if anybody has questions or comments, fire away. Stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on August 03, 2022, 08:57:45 PM »
Progress photo dump for today. Some of this was finished the other day, but I didn't want to make a mile long post. In the game, the armor skins are pretty much all the same configuration just different color schemes. I saved a ton of screenshots of all different colors so I could see what the hell was going on. I could barely make out the wording on some of the trim. This trim runs along the top and bottom edge of the torso
This was all lettered by hand and burned in with a soldering iron. The bottom I couldn't read, so I took a stab and used sayings that the Dark Angels would say.
Either end got trimmed short and cut some of the words off. I had to start in the middle because of the whoop in the belly. But, from the left "Never forget, Never forgive, My faith is my armor, and My shield is contempt". Next up was the aquilla for the chest. I made my pattern in half to start and was going to 2 piece this on because of how nerve wracking it was last time trying to wrestle Lucien's on. But this was alot thinner and I decided to give it a go. Here's the progression
Now when you freehand something like this, always make half a template and flip it over for the other side. That way it's symmetrical. The detail lines were cut in with an exacto and hit with the heat gun. I wanted these really clean and crisp.
I 3d printed a sword and some mini rivets to finish it off. The tail feathers covered some of the wording, but I expected that. It was the top that I wanted to turn out nice. Here's a few full Monty pics to show where this is at
Last thing was the led test for the inside of the Aegis hood. I got some 12v led strips in white and blue. I thought I was going to mix 2 of each for the blue glow inside the hood. I tried both 2 white and 2 blue, and then just 4 blue. The 4 blue combo won out with the flash total dark room no flash total dark room. I also found an inexpensive paintball type breather mask I was going to use, but no glue that I have will stick to it. I put this on a styrofoam mannequin head for the photo. I'll wind up making 1 out of Eva so I can detail the crap out of it. That's all for now and stay tuned for more...
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on August 03, 2022, 04:20:52 PM »
Thank you my friend. I watch and learn from your fantastic creations
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by honza5110 on August 03, 2022, 12:08:55 PM »
fantastic work.
I like watching your work.
Beautiful, precise and clean. Daniel, you have golden hands.
Space Marines / Re: Brother Nicodemus, Deathwing Librarian build wip
« Last post by adeptus mechanicus on August 01, 2022, 08:48:00 PM »
Alright! Lots of progress pics to catch up on. Last post I finished the back vents. Here they are trimmed out
There's some cut line details that follow the arch all the way around and the same on the bottom ledge or "stairs" if you will. I looked at mounting the dark angel on the back and decided that it'll probably get too busy back there. Maybe I save that for the front of 1 of the shins. Any way, I printed off the hydraulic vents and made the double mount for the small of his back
Now comes 1 of the parts I had a lot of fun doing. The art work and lettering for the pages of the book that will show
The 1st page has the lyrics to Motley Crue's "In the beginning" translated into Latin. I thought it was rather fitting for what it contained. The 2nd page has Devinci's Vetruvian Man but in Astartes fashion and some black carapace info about how it's grown and implanted. Some sepia colored pencils and red markers for the lettering. All the lettering was done with calligraphy markers. I aged the paper with tea and grunge water. When I dribbled on the tea, it started to make the markers bleed and run! I thought "Oh shit" but happy accident. I dabbed the excess off and kept up that technique for both. Here's the result
Next was to finish off the sides and arm holes. Made some Deathwing decorations and some round trim with rivets for the openings
Probably won't be able to see the Deathwing swords, but it was an awfully big space not to have something there. That's all for now. Oh, if someone wants the STL files for the hydraulic port, give me a shout. I'll gladly share it. I sketched it up and had a buddy at work draw it in SOLIDWORKS. Stay tuned for more...
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