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Build Log Update 23: 20 Oct 17 - Cosmetic Upgrades

Finally at a point now where i can update on the correct date.

This update ive done a few things. Ive done the Dremel Work on the Toes. Added the Plastic, Square Top Rivets too the Shoulders. Finished the Shins off with the Joint Nuts. Ive also made the ring around the centre buckle and mounted a resin skull on.

Tasks for the weekend will be the final section of the center pelvis, needs another one to make it flow better when im wearing it.
Find some of those eyes too be rounded rivets for the eagle shin and stick them on.
Add some small foam details too the thighs
Buckle system for right thigh and shin
Finish off the Parchment scrolls for the shoulder
Make modifications too the torso section where the arm holes are for more comfort.
For the back vents i need too make the flaps for them and small foam details im missing from the in game models.
Also i would like too start my modifications for the arms, but i have a few days off next week so hopefully get them done and if my parts arrive for the powerfist ill start building that!!

Build Log Update 22: Current Build Progress as at 10 OCT 17

Here is where we are at the 10 OCT 17. Im posting this reply on the 20th of OCT 17 and shes changed even more since then.

I have a few days off next week so ill be able too get a fair chunk of weathering and cosmetic action done.

Build Log Update 21: Torso Updates Part 2

Photo dump of the extra stuff i have made too fill out cosmetic details on the torso. THis includes the Fleur De Lis the Two Light Boxes and the two metal parts on the top side of the torso.

Build Log Update 21: Torso Updates Part 1

First part will go over the Torso Wings i made. I pretty much took an in game screenshot .. scaled it printed it out and cut it up into the foam templates. Pretty simple. I hand drew the I logo also too make it too scale.

Build Log Update 20: Right Shin Angels

Again i free hand drew the angel template from the in game model. I managed too get them too look pretty good in 3D.

This was the first iteration of the angel

This is the new version and the direction i went with.

Build Log Update 19: Right Shin Eagles and Angels

This shin has the most going on. Full Double Headed Eagle, Hooded Angels and the Sun.

By far the longest part of the whole build, very time consuming but totally worth it in the end.

I started by free hand drawing roughly from the in game models and a few reference pictures. I did the template as a half and flipped it to get the full eagle. The eagle is made with 12mm foam base and all the Feathers are done with 2mm foam and the Feet and top edge of the wings was done with 6mm foam.

Build Log Update 18: Left Shin

The most time consuming dremel action .. ever. Dremeling took ages and was quite messy. Foam dust everywhere!!

Build Log Update 17: Deathwatch Shoulder

Ok so im aware of the Deathwatch lore, but not sure about Spacehulk Deathwing and the Brother Barachiel lore and his connection with the Deathwatch. I can only assume that perhaps for the game lore he was once a part of the Deathwatch and came back to the Deathwing after his service with them. Explains the Shoulder Armour.

This has been by far at this point of the build where i was having the most fun. Quite and interesting piece of armour and all the hidden stuff i snuck into this.. one of the proudest parts of my build.

After this came the Lettering !! Find all the awesome Dark Angels References !!

After this came mounting the Skulls and Hand Carving the Bones.

Build Log Update 17: Deathwing Shoudler

First shoulder too get its cosmetic upgrades. Right Side. Deathwing Logo.

Started off drawing up the logo from the in game model on paper. Cut it out using 6mm foam and carved it with a dremel.
I also did the first mock up of the Shoulders parchments.

Build Log Update 16: First Dress Test

Picture below are from my first Dress Test =) was a very exciting time.

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