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Title: Death Korps of Krieg Grenadier
Post by: Tiberius on May 13, 2021, 08:11:30 PM
Hey there! So with the lockdown and everything else going on right now I have a ton of free time and so it was time for a new project.
After finishing my Chaos Marine I decided to never touch anything Marine-related ever again so I looked towards my 2nd favorite faction, the Imperial Guard.
Deciding on a regiment and unit was very easy since the Death Korps are my favorite regiment and Grenadiers are my favorite Death Korps unit.

I started at the top with the helmet and gasmask. I didn't find any good Stahlhelm pepakura files so I had to freehand everything.
The first prototype was a disaster, somewhere along the way I made a mistake and the entire thing ended up being as big as a salad bowl. I scaled the templates down and did it again, this time the helmet turned out good, although it was a little tight. The armor plate on the front sits on the two cylinders sticking out of the sides. It's easily detachable, I'll probably fix it with magnets before painting the whole thing.
For the mask I went with a more angular design rather than the round masks a lot of people use, since angled shapes are easier to work with (at least for me).
Since the helmet is already a little small the mask had to be small too. That means it's very tight and fogs up super fast. I added a breath deflector out of foam which creates a surprisingly good seal and actually completely prevents my breath from going up to the lenses.
The lenses were cut out from a motorcycle helmet visor and the hose plus the metal piece (sorry I don't know the proper term) were taken from a polish MUA gas mask.


The torso armor was rather complicated. Since the Forge World models are short and stocky you can't just take the armor dimensions from the model and put it on a normal human.
After a lot of experimenting I came up with a design that was accurate to the model while still having normal human proportions.
I'm not good with any 3D graphics software like Blender or ZBrush so I made the prototype in Roblox Studio. Yes I know, don't meme on me.


For the torso armor I wanted a comfortable and solid base for it to rest on, so nothing wobbles around while I'm moving.
I based everything on a 4 H-Point Harness by Templars Gear, which is attached to a Frag Belt by Warrior Assault Systems.
I didn't like the tiny pouches on the model, since according to the wiki a Grenadier carries "numerous anti-personnel and anti-tank grenades, spare respirator filters, ration packs and the Hellgun's maintenance kit". There's no way in hell all that stuff can fit into four tiny pouches, so I went with bigger ones. In the end I got 4 Double AR15 Mag Pouches from Warrior Assault Systems.
I highly recommend Warrior Assault Systems and Templars Gear to anybody working on military related costumes. Their products are rather expensive but they're super durable and very comfortable.


The torso armor was a rather straightforward build. The 3D model turned out good and fits surprisingly well. Both front and back plates are reinforced with aluminium strips so they keep their shape.



The back plate is connected to the back of the harness with two clips that go into the MOLLE loops. They're made out of 1mm ABS sheets which are glued to a strip of aluminium because they fall off if they get bent. The entire thing slides upwards into the loops and gets held in place by friction. The straps from the back plate connect to the straps on the front plate and the entire thing sits tight and doesn't move, even when I bend forwards.


Here's a detail pic of the straps. They're made out of 2mm thick high density foam and on the backside there's a thin cardboard strip that prevents the strap from stretching.
I made the details by cutting into the foam and then heating the entire thing with a heat gun so the cuts expand.


The filter on the back was rather simple. The cylinder is made out of 5mm low density foam over a thick cardboard tube, and the connector pieces that go to the back plate are high density foam.
The inlet on one side is a leftover piece from my Marine. It's a MDF ring with a ventilation grille from the hardware store.



The small rivets all over the filter are from the PlaUnit P107R Round Mold set by Kotobukiya. I highly recommend their Modeling Support Goods line. It's meant for Gunpla but it's perfect for adding details to cosplay armor and props.


That's all for now! Next is the power cell for the Hellgun.

Title: Re: Death Korps of Krieg Grenadier
Post by: adeptus mechanicus on May 14, 2021, 05:30:42 AM
Nice clean foam work. Just be careful with the straps and buckle pieces with the foam, they may tear on you. If they do, you might try sandwiching your foam over nylon webbing for strength. I've done that a few times and it works great. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more progress shots😎