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Title: Protection of Imperial Vessels
Post by: cas_metal on July 23, 2020, 07:36:24 AM

I'm doing a research about some troops from the Imperial Fleet. In the Dan Abnett novels they are called "naval protection squads", but in spanish, and I can't find out how they are called in english, so sorry for that. They are depicted as guys in black caparace armor with grey uniforms, who are there to fight in boarding actions as well as containing mutinies and that kind of things. But I could not find a single image of them until I checked the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook, in which I saw this. Is clearly in some sort of battleship, and thegear and helmet is the one used by Adeptur Arbites. Do you think they may be a memeber of naval portection squad? Somebody have mor info on this guys?

Because I was making some plans about an arbites cosplay, but if I can do something valid for both naval squads and arbites, that would be great.

Thanks!!! (And sorry por bad english :( )