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Title: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: Centauri-Works on April 16, 2019, 12:49:10 PM
Whelp , i haven't had the occasion to bring the Cadian armour i started building from the UK yet , so i'm currently stuck with that project until i can get it back , so i decided to move on and start working on another costume that i've always wanted to make : the iconic Commissar !

I started the costume something like 2 months or so ago ( more like started paying for it ... ) , and i want to have it - if not finished - at least wearable for early may in order to attend the anniversary of our local GW store in costume :D
There are many illustrations , and the uniform seem to slightly vary depending on the illustrator making the Art .
So i've decided to mostly build the costume based on this well known cover from Salvation's Reach :


So i'm keeping a build log here , documented with pictures and all kinds of tips i might be able to give out , learn from my mistakes so you'll be able to save time and money :P

Okay , first things first , let's get one thing straight :

This isn't a cheap costume .

If you think you'll make a Commissar costume for under a 200€ , forget it , do something else .
I don't know if it's " correct " for me to say it ( and frankly i don't give a frak ) , but cheap Commissars are my pet-peeve . Black coat found in the attic , military ranger boots , random black jeans and a vaguely military looking jacket with a Halloween foam chainsword bought at your local supermarket with a cheap surplus Soviet cap with your sister's red scarf as a sash , no thanks ...
Same thing with cheap Imperial Officers when it comes to Star Wars . As a member of the 501st Legion , i strive for a certain level of accuracy and quality , for all kinds of costumes i make . An Officer costume of any Fandom is supposed to be sharp , well-tailored . You're embodying authority and discipline , you have to look the part too . The uniform has to fit and not be loose , you should shave and take off any obvious facial piercing as they would be non-reg in the Astra Militarum , especially so in the Commissariat . You'd probably be flogged ...

So , here's the plan , in orange is what i absolutely need to make this costume wearable for May :

Status : Will order soon from Epic Militaria , a very reliable Reenactment website . They offer the possibility of changing the piping colour too . So i'll get a black visor cap from the Allgemeine SS division , have the piping changed to red , remove the insignas and replace the silver buttons and chincord with golden ones . And i mean proper golden-bullion stuff , not crappy yellow strings .

Status : I've ordered it two months ago , paid for it weekly and i have worked with The Jacket Shop to modify the uniform a little for accuracy purposes . It is of course tailor-made to fit me . One thing that is very odd with them is that they ask not for your measurements but for the garments measurements . Meaning you give them directly the measurements they'll cut the fabric too . It's a bit frustrating and i hope it'll fit properly , at this point i can only pray the Emperor it will , otherwise i'll soon receive a very expensive but ill-fitted jacket .

Status : Will order soon from Ebay , there are a lot of vendors selling what they call " marching bands " epaulettes , made from proper golden-bullion cords . I'll embellish them with a golden skull or aquila to make them feel more " Warhammer-y " . I'll probably attach them with magnets in case i want to wear them straight on the jacket rather than over the stormcoat .

Status : Got it a year or so ago , it will have to do . It's not completely accurate and it bothers me , but at least i can still wear it when it rains ( and Throne knows it rains a lot in this Kingdom ) . I will most likely ditch it soon and wear a cloak over the uniform , which is probably going to be a soviet plash palatka in the first place , later upgraded to a proper cloak made from waterproof canvas , perhaps in a specific camo pattern like German splittertarn ( splinter camo ) , or plain drab so i can paint the Cadian camo pattern over it .

Status : Got them a while ago for a Krennic costume , they come from Epic Militaria as well , very decent quality but a little itchy , so i recommend you wear stockings or something underneath , no joke . After a while you won't really notice the itch anymore , but they're defo not as comfy as your jeans . Garbardine fabric tends to be a bit rough .

Status : Got them . Got two pairs actually . One i use for Reenactment , the other for my Imperial Officer . The first one is a little shorter , flat topped , post-War German Officer jackboots . The second pair is a pair of tall , Spanish-top British equestrian boots . Those boots are not made for walking , put gel soles if you intend to wear them for extended period of times .

Status : My friend at Belting Imperials has ordered a golden / copper coloured buckle with a slight edge that i will embellish with ... A SKULL ! And also a small chain or so , just like in the illustration .

Status : Waiting for the jacket to arrive to start working on it .

Status : I've printed it two or so weeks ago , taking advantage of the Easter holidays to work on it a bit . I'm still having issues with it but i don't think i'll bother with it any longer , i just need a bit more paint for weathering and base colours . The current one is a free model from Thingiverse , but i'll upgrade it with a model of my own when i have the time , which College tends to suck up right now . I'm thinking about making an actual working one with a moving chain casted in rubber or something so it remains " con safe " . Or go for a Powersword . I'll probably make a small backpack too , like seen on the Officio Prefectus Commissar model and magnetise the Chainsword so i can carry it on my back , because i'm can't really figure out how to make a sheath for a Chainsword .

Status : Still have to 3D model it myself . There are a bunch of good models on Thingiverse , but since i can model my own , i much prefer to use my own models . I don't like how the handles are modelled on most available models online , and it'll allow me to decorate it however i want . It'll be for later though , once i'm done with College . I'll also have to make a holster then . Luckily for me , i'm getting a leatherworking kit soon , so i might be able to make that holster myself . Worst case scenario , i have a leatherworking friend in the UK ...

No 40K costume is complete without a few decorations ! So i'll probably make a few medals and badges to add details , an aquila or two to hang from my belt and the butt of my Bolt pistol .
No Macharian Cross of course , given my age i wouldn't have left the Schola too long ago , so i'll settle for the Eagle Ordinary  ;)
I'll get Collodion scarring fluid from Amazon or something , because scars are cool , and everybody has scars in 40k , especially Commissars . Also , coloured lenses are a must since i'm going specifically for a Cadian . I might build a flag pole and get the Cadian 8th flag printed later too . I've also been considering getting some greaves or something to make carapace leg armour , but i think it'll also be really cool to build bits of Cadian armour to go over my uniform such as the shin-guards and the shoulders , paint them black , and have the markings in gold instead of white . Most definitely going to make a Refractor field gorget at some point too .

All right , that's it for the planning , explanation , i'll update with pictures soon !
Hoping no bugs have decided to commit suicide by sticking themselves on the paint i've applied on my Chainsword earlier , i'm so done with sanding right now ...
Title: Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: Centauri-Works on April 16, 2019, 07:45:15 PM
++ UPDATE 01 ++

Right , so ...
Regarding the stuff i already have :

The trench coat , by Musterbrand ( you'll have to apologise the crappy pictures , i have a great many things , time and a good camera are not one of them ... )
It still very much has a deep red colour and not that vaguely discoloured pink-ish hue the picture shows .


The breeches , from Epic Militaria . If you're looking for good quality breeches , look no further , they're worth every cent ! I can never recommend Epic Militaria enough for quality costuming bits and affordable Reenactment supplies .


The boots , both the Equestrian dressing boots and the Military Officer jackboots . Worn both pairs quite a few hours , the leather is soft , but after a day of Trooping , you better have a Guardsmen around to pull them off your feet because you will need some help !

The 50's post war German Officer boots , flat top , slightly shorter , " man sized " ( meaning slightly more room ) .


The modern British equestrian boots , Spanish top ( higher on the outer side of the leg ) , women boots ( quite tight ) . Also , not made for walking . Much less so for wearing all day while on your feet . Trust me .


I'm having trouble deciding which ones to wear ...


Guess i'll try both pairs once i get the jacket . So far i'm more convinced about the first one , rule of comfort . And they have a more military look to them , the second pair i love too but they really look like horse-riding boots ...

Title: Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: Centauri-Works on April 17, 2019, 02:58:37 PM
++ UPDATE 02 ++

It's Chainsword time !

Here's the model i used , it isn't mine but it's very decent : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2722925

Okay so , if anyone is considering 3D printing at home , i highly recommend getting Simplify3D ( one way or the other ... ) . I mean , Cura is a brilliant software for slicing , but Simplify3D just has a lot more options and presets that allows you to considerably cut down on printing time .

My first bits were printed through Cura , took an average of 18h per print , my 3D printer is next to my bed , and we have random power outage some times during the night , so the printing conditions were less than great ( yay for being a College student in a dorm trying to make Props ) and i spent 2 very crappy nights , but if it's for the Emperor , then ... Guess it's not so bad .


Then , i finally figured out why i had issues with Simplify3D ( it kept trying to print in the corner of my print bed and in mid-air on top of things , it so happened that my specific model of printer wasn't in the list and that the printbed settings were a couple centimetres off , so i just created a custom profile for my WanHao Duplicator i3 Plus because i'm not using the latest version of Simplify3D and it's lacking profiles regarding WanHao printers ) .

I kept the two first " screwed up " pieces a while but i kept printing , cutting print time in half for the next pieces . I even started printing them two by two , taunting the Tzeentch cultist working for the local electrical company to cut the power mid-print again . But the Emperor protects , it didn't happen .


Up and up she went .


Crappy pics made with my phone at 2am with poor indoor lighting . Awesome novels for scale reference :P


Unless you printer is fine-tuned , i highly NOT recommend to attempt printing that kind of details :


Using different printing profiles with Simplify3D i was able to get a high quality print just for the layers where the tiny text was set in the handle , but it still turned out meh . There's about a metric ton of supports printed over the text and removing it usually rips off tiny bits off the letters , you're better off finding a store that does laser cutting nearby and get them laser-cut in a sheet of styrene or something that you'll glue on the blank version of the handle .

The only issue i have with the model is the way it's meant to be assembled , with a bunch of small connector pins . In order to reinforce the structure i drilled through each part and inserted two wooden dowels that run through the whole length of the blade . It does reinforce the overall structure , but subsequently weakens individual pieces because the infill was quite heavily damaged in the process . This is further incentive to make my own model later .

I was soon faced with a very , VERY annoying issue . Despite the amount of epoxy glue i used to make sure the pieces were permanently glued together , small gaps remained , and no amount of filler , sanding and priming seemed to be able to get rid of them . I emptied a tube and half of glue , but it seemed there was still enough movement - almost none but still enough - to make the filler and primer crack . After 5 or so passes of filler , i gave up ...


Worse even , it looks good from a distance , but those seams are still there nagging me , visible from up close , and every coat of primer or paint only seemed to make them more obvious . Infuriating .


So for the most obvious seam , i just decided to print some Aquilas to cover them up . It would help to hide the seam and add a little detailed . Kill two Heretics with one stone , or something like that ...


The primed product , ready for painting . I'm going to go for a red and golden scheme , stay in the global tones of the costume . Might go for a darker scheme when i make another Chainsword later .


Right now i'm just scavenging home , trying to find a bit of brown and black acrylics to weather the sword a little bit after i'm done painting it . I hate pristine props . Nothing is clean in the grim dark future ...

Also , on a side note , don't do what i did and use and old can of filler that's been opened for two years because you're too broke to afford a new one , the stuff comes out half dry from the tub and and it coarse and crappy to apply U_U

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Post by: Centauri-Works on April 18, 2019, 02:38:32 PM
++ UPDATE 03 ++

Still Chainsword Time !

I was able to finish most of the paintjob and put a bit of work in the blade these last few days , right now i'm waiting for the varnish clear coat to dry , i managed to grab two small tubes of acrylic at the local Art store to do a bit of weathering tomorrow . Oxide black and Burnt Umber from the Amsterdam brand . I always prefer to work with two tones for weathering .


As for the rattlecans , i'm using a local brand called Motip , if anyone is interested ( it's not like there is any other brand available in craft stores around here , lucky you if you have Krylon and Rustoleum available ! ) . They have a bunch of different lines , i must say i'm very pleased with the " Crafts Spray " line , the coverage is good , the paint dries smooth , ideal for nice thicc coats ;) Well , the red paint is at least . The gold can was from an older line i found somewhere in the cellar , it must be 3 years old or something , not so great .


I'll probably spray the same metal colour i used for the teeth in the cap of the bottle and use that for scuff marks . Or shake up my pot of Leadbelcher ...


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Post by: Centauri-Works on April 18, 2019, 02:55:10 PM
++ UPDATE 04 ++

Big Brown Box Day

Brown Box Days are the best days , let's face it . I missed delivery this morning , but thank the Emperor i was able to retrieve the package the same day at the nearest collecting point .


I was a bit anxious though . The Jacket Shop is great , the people very friendly and helpful , we worked together on some modifications at no extra-cost , but i'm still really not convinced about the way they ask for measurements . Garment measurements as opposed to YOUR measurements . There's no way of knowing if you took the measurements correctly , and for obvious reasons , tailor-made products can't be exchanged or refunded . So i kept fait in the Golden Throne , prayed the Emperor , and crossed my fingers .


Side note : i always appreciate a company / studio / person that gives a nifty garment bag with their products . It denotes a je-ne-sais-quoi of quality . Excuse my French ...
Looking promising so far , if a little large at the waist .


As i thought , it was indeed a tad large at the waist , but nothing the sash and belt won't be able to take care of . Shoulders are a tad large as well , but overall the fit is great . Movement not so great though , with the frogging in the front , it's incredibly stiff , and so is the neck . You'll definitely keep your head high wearing this !


Right  so . Uniform is made of wool gabardine . It means one thing : it's going to be hell to wear in summer , even more so with the trench coat on top . I'm definitely going to grab a cloak as soon as possible :P

Mandatory running to my room to grab my breeches and boots and try everything together . I must say i'm happy with the looks !
I may have the collar aquilas replaced later as they tend to overlap the golden trim a little , but that's just details . The devil is in the details , but it'll wait .
At least i don't look like a potato in my uniform , this pleases me greatly !


Crawling into the coat with the uniform on was a nightmare though . The thickness of the jacket makes it hard to put on the coat , the shoulders end up being too large , with pushes the coat upwards , it gets real warm real quick , and you can bid farewell to whatever arm movement you had left . But ... it does look quite okay . Not amazing , but good still .


I've always favoured lighter uniforms and gears anyway , i'd rather wear a little armour on top than the coat , unless i had one that was tailor-made to be worn over the jacket .

Well , that's all for now , just need the sash , belt and epaulettes and i'll be ready to attend that anniversary party at out local GW !
I'll try to complete the costume later , i have more important things to focus on right now , like College , unfortunately ...

Title: Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: vonjankmon on April 18, 2019, 09:04:54 PM
Looking good!
Title: Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: Centauri-Works on April 19, 2019, 06:52:04 PM
Looking good!

Thanks ! ^_^
Title: Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: Brother Erhard on April 23, 2019, 08:58:46 PM
Thank you for this. Given me alot of great help and ideas. Already looks amazing, end product on the day will rock for sure.
Title: Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: Alnehin on April 26, 2019, 11:07:42 AM
Very nice looking uniform !! I love your detailed list at the begining. (Do you wanna build some CRL for uniforms, Lol ?) Anyway, it makes me want to do a DKK Commissar, but...Don't have the money, nor time, to build one (i should already finished other costumes, but...Well money)
Title: Re: + Build Log : Cadian Commissar +
Post by: Centauri-Works on May 03, 2019, 09:49:17 AM
Very nice looking uniform !! I love your detailed list at the begining. (Do you wanna build some CRL for uniforms, Lol ?) Anyway, it makes me want to do a DKK Commissar, but...Don't have the money, nor time, to build one (i should already finished other costumes, but...Well money)

Well , i wouldn't mind writing Costume Reference Libraries with the participation of fellow Cosplayers , i have written CRLs for the 501st before .
We " only " need good pictures of each elements of a specific costume , a bit of Photoshopping , and voilà .

Thanks Brother Erhard !
I hope it will all look good when it's finished and my face won't ruin everything XD
I've had news that my Epaulettes and Belt have arrived , and i have to make the Sash this Week End !
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Post by: Centauri-Works on May 04, 2019, 02:36:13 PM
++ UPDATE 05 ++

All right !

So , i went to the post office to retrieve a package and headed for our " nearest " fabric store to get some materials to make the sash .
I managed to get a nice thick red cotton , a fringe to end it and some stiffener fabric . I wish it had been closer in colour to the darker red from the uniform , but it will have to do for now .
I'll try to get some darker fabric later , this one will make for a great prototype anyway .

My epaulettes have arrived !
I have yet to find a way to attach them that doesn't involve making a hole in my uniform , but they look really nice !

Hnnnn , dem thicc golden bullion cords ...


I have also collected my belt , at long last .


I think it looks pretty close to the illustrations , minus the skull and chain i'll add of course .

Without attaching the epaulettes to the uniform .


Work materials for tomorrow . Still have to get a few poppers , a little chain and so on .
That's going to be fun , i've never sewn anything before :'D


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Post by: Centauri-Works on May 21, 2019, 10:40:03 AM
++ UPDATE 06 ++

'Kay , quick update here because i haven't had much time to work on the costume since the Store Anniversary .

The belt was fun to work on , but i didn't manage to complete it entirely , with the spikes and everything . Will do later .

After emptying whatever was left in my primer-filler can , i managed to get a smooth enough result on the skull i printed . I had no filler left to smooth it any further anyway . But i'm definitely , positively in love with filler-primer . I need more .


So , i was going to make a crown for the skull like on the reference picture , and make the spikes out of greenstuff reinforced with steel wire . But surprisingly enough , even epoxy glue didn't manage to make the base crown shape stick to the skull , so i didn't bother sculpting the spikes either . I'll just 3D model the whole thing and print it as one piece later .
I got a hold of some snaps , assembled them and cut a wedge into the bottom part of two of them to superglue the chain to them .
When you've got no time to wait for epoxy to dry : CA glue is your best friend .

At that point , we were friday evening , and the Store anniversary was the next morning , starting at 10am .

I encountered two small issues right there .
First of all , after sanding the skull to get rid of the epoxy that had dried around the edge and re-priming it with a quick coat of Chaos black , the primer itself cracked and didn't dry smooth . I guess the epoxy somehow left a residue that reacted with the primer . It gave the skull a textured look i didn't mind that much .

Pro tip : turn issues into advantages . Got a weird texture that turns out not half bad ? It was all planned of course , i knew what i was doing ! You dare question me , Guardsman ?

Second issue : the Rub'n'buff worked like a charm ( almost ) on the skull . I've always seen people rubbing like crazy , but whenever i applied too much pressure it wiped it off instead of sealing it . So i went gently , let it dry , and after a minute or two , i could run it under water , rub it , and i wasn't getting any gold on my fingers .
The belt buckle on the other hand and the snaps didn't take the Rub'n'buff at all , it simply didn't stick . So i have them a coat of Primer , still Chaos Black , and that seemed to give the Rub'n'buff sufficient grip .


I don't really have any picture of the sash , but it was rushed . It was late evening by the time i started working on it with my Mum , and i was tired . We got to a point where it would be wearable for the next morning , but not entirely finished either . It was closed with stick-on velcro that threatened to fall off the entire day , but after many prayers to the Emperor , they eventually lasted the whole day . I'll make a second vertical piece and shorten the first one , punch some loops into the main belt and attach it with laces in the future . Velcro is unreliable as frak .

For a first time wearing , it went all right . I'l have to adjust a few things here and there , but i'm satisfied , considering that this is still a work in progress costume . Never mind my dumb arse face .


I was going to order a " custom " made Cap from Epic Militaria with red piping , but after taking a look at the description and seeing it takes between 6 and 8 weeks to ship just because you ask for a red piping , i went ahead and ordered a regular one with white piping because they have finally restocked the Small sizes !
I'll get a bit of red fabric dye , a fine brush , and carefully make the white cotton piping red myself , it'll be done in one afternoon .
Patience is a virtue , sure , but ...


Next week i'll probably order a Plash palatka too , so i've got something to cover my back that is lightweight and breathable . Will 100% give it a light coat of paint to get a Cadian camo pattern on the outside , and a few other modifications .