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Title: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: Sithslayer78 on December 18, 2018, 03:48:39 PM
Hey everyone, after losing myself in the new dark imperium lore, I’ve decided to finally follow through and make a Ultramarines Primaris Space Marine. I’ve always wanted a SM costume since I saw those full-scale Blood Angel statues GW had commissioned, but now ITS TIME! I've been posting about this build on the FB group, but I figured I had better do some more thorough documentation on the build, especially once I start wrapping up foam construction. It's been a while since I did a proper WIP thread so here goes:

Like any proper Son of Guilliman would say, the first thing to work out is logistics! This needs to be a fast ass build since I need it done in time for Katsucon in February. So, this is going to be a 3 month build and so far I’m barely clinging onto schedule.
Next, I wanted to get a feel for the layout of the build, so I exported all the Shiney SM gamerip peps to .obj and laid them out against a 3D scan of myself:
The build is going to come out to 7’ tall ish, with room to play around at the feet for a few more/less inches if need be. I had thought of making the build bigger still than a normal marine, but I personally feel that Primaris marines are just truescale normal marines with fancier armor. I figure that I can probably freehand all of the Primaris upgrades except for maybe the backpack.
I also mocked up the marine in mini form, so I have something to refer to for all aspects:
And since they're easy, I tackled Purity Seals first.
I built the helmet from the SM files, but I didn’t like how sharp the front of the forehead spiked down and how the back wasn’t offset upwards from the base. Fortunately, my foam tolerances didn’t go exactly as planned and the back ended up being raised anyway. I cut out the divot in the back, freehanded the faceplate/ears, and filled in the rest so that the helmet was sturdy.
I want to add a one-way ventilation system and maybe a mic in the future, but that will come later.
Next, I knocked out the shoulder bells. They seemed oversized to me but that was partly because I didn’t really curve them right. I added a wooden brace to the bottom to hold the curve and now they seem just slightly oversized so I might just run with them. I also haven’t finished the bottom because I’ve heard of other builds needing to trim it and didn’t want to risk it in either eventuality.
[Theoretical: Put WIP Picture here. Practical: I was too lazy to take pictures of this part and will later and then pretend it was taken at the time of construction.]
Arm construction was really quick, made a shoulder thing to mount retainer straps/shoulder positioners to. I’ll probably add some LEDs or buttons in the left forearm but for now there’s just a hole.
Right now, these arms are a bit too long for me to reach till the end so I’m probably going to be rocking hand extensions unless I have time to make shorter forearms. The goal is to have both hand extensions and simple gloves, so I can swap them as needed.
Next up is the torso/cod, which actually happened a lot faster than I expected. Doing the Primaris mods to the torso was a bit sketchy at first, but it all worked out in the end. Also, I finally got a full picture of all templates cut out for the part which was cool. The silhouette I’m using is a lifesaver, I'd be weeks behind and suicidal by now if not for this.
I’m thinking about attaching the winged skull magnetically, so I can have a chest storage compartment, but that depends on how much space I’ll actually end up with in there. Also, I need bigger wings because these look small.
For the joints, I found some flex ducting that comes covered in a layer of black PVC plastic, so I think I’ll use that instead of fumbling with a sewing machine. I also have a plan to mount the shoulders, so I can do more poses using a 3D printed bearing and pivot for the shoulder.
So, here’s all of the above in kind of a haphazard arrangement that collapsed shortly after the picture was taken. I’m happy so far, but still a little worried about the shoulders. The bottoms aren’t quite square with the inner sides so I might, at a minimum, cut off the inner bottom to make that part square.
Like I said, I wasn’t happy with the gamerips for the backpack so I made my own using a file for a mini I found on thingiverse. I still had to do some freehand mods, but it was a much easier place to start from than the other file, and I’m really happy about how it turned out. Also making those ball vents was the absolute worst part of the build so far, it’s just so damn tedious making foam spheres.
I’m going to have the back center plate magnetically attached so I can fiddle with connectors, the battery, and ventilation.
For cooling, the idea is to have a fan pulling air along my limbs towards their end before being sent to the backpack for venting. Back of the envelope for me has ~100 cfm ventilation requirement to maintain temperature at ambient RT. I was going to go with a 130 cfm fan with decent static pressure and also a peltier cooler against my back and hope that that is good enough. I just gotta come up with a magnetic coupler for the back vent and make sure that the legs end up being mostly airtight. I might do something like adding a little fabric elastic cuff to the end of the joints going into the leg or something. I’ve got a large battery that should be able to hold out for around 5 hours of runtime.
I have some time off for the holidays so I’ll be pushing hard to get the legs done so I can focus on mounting and painting. I still need to decide if this is going to be a Primaris sergeant or lieutenant, mainly so I can decide on how to paint the helmet.

Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: doomfist on December 18, 2018, 08:55:12 PM
WOW.    Awesome start, can't wait to see this finished.   
Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: vonjankmon on December 20, 2018, 02:23:02 PM
Looking good, can't wait to see this build progress.
Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: Sithslayer78 on December 31, 2018, 05:17:18 PM
Finished the primary build, that’s not the end of the foam work, but all the basic construction is now done. I tried standing it up for a picture but that didn’t go well.


So I managed to get it all laid out horizontally, minus the backpack. I’m happy with the scale, and with the Primaris mods too. The whole thing came out to almost exactly 7 feet tall too, which I was happy about, I wasn’t sure how much hell that half inch foam would play with my scaling. I also tested the backpack briefly on the torso, it seemed fine.

I spent about a day with a Dremel carving out wing feathers for the torso too. Not looking to do that again, but I’m super happy with the result.


I’m still holding onto my schedule, and with my spare time before new years I started working on the weapons as well. I have a tough idea of what my plasma pistol will look like, and I’ve done some CAD on the sword too.


Going to print the blade in clear PLA and then run 2 led strips up the middle to make it a Power sword, or I guess, gladius. Current estimate has it measuring about 90 cm long.
I’m currently waiting on the batteries to arrive, so I can confirm dimensions before making the cuts in CAD for the handle and designing the pommel. I’m probably going to skip the scabbard though, because I could definitely see that getting in the way a lot. I’ll probably opt instead for some sort of magnetic holder, or something similar, if anything at all.

I’m also working on the rest of the 3D printed hardware for mounting. I’ve got a first go at a 3D printed bearing designed for airsoft BBs for the arms, which should allow me to rotate and hinge the shoulder bell properly with the arm.


I’m anticipating that mounting and iteration will take a while for prints to turn around, so I’ll probably start working on painting and electronics in parallel with that. Stay tuned for updates!
Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: vonjankmon on January 02, 2019, 08:50:27 AM
Super clean build, I am very impressed. Can't wait to see more of your WIP.
Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: Kyrios on October 26, 2019, 10:22:32 AM
Impressed by the great helmet, really nice!! The rest of the costume build is so clean.. good job. My only concern is why all costumes have got the upper part of the legs so fat.. The transition from the upper zone to the waist is "too" vast... please do not misunderstand me, it is the only point to be improved in my opinion. I am about to start  my costume and after studying the leg patterns, I´ll try to thin the tighs..
I will keep stuck on this post!
Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: Pandaa Rain on November 09, 2019, 05:23:34 AM
Hi! That is a great build you go there. I saw in the comments the 3d printing files of the power sword and was wondering if you could give me any tips for Fusion 360. I'm trying to design a Victrix Honour Guard Helmet in it but I don't know where to start. Any pointers? thx.

P.S. - I'm also making my build an Ultramarines build. FOR THE EMPERORER!!!
Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: Sithslayer78 on November 25, 2019, 10:56:41 PM
I know I sorta dropped off of the face of the Imperium, but I had to drop everything to get done by my deadline and have been procrastinating on doing the writeup ever since. (Life, right?) Needless to say, the build came together on time (finished 1 day before the deadline). I had it out for the first time at Katsucon, and even managed to make it into Kotaku (https://cosplay.kotaku.com/our-favorite-cosplay-from-katsucon-2019-1832861060), and later on, into PC Gamer (https://www.pcgamer.com/check-out-this-primaris-space-marine-cosplay/) too!


There was a lot of chaos getting things done and staging them because a lot of the tasks required that other tasks be completed first, but what follows is my best attempt at cataloging the chaos that was the mad dash to build completion. I’ll be separating the log part-wise rather than chronologically from here on out. I might take a while to complete the documentation, so this could take a while. If so, let me know if you’d rather I prioritize certain sections if you are also working on them currently. (I typed this paragraph before deciding that I’d just do it all at once but my offer for more info later on still stands.)

Hi! That is a great build you go there. I saw in the comments the 3d printing files of the power sword and was wondering if you could give me any tips for Fusion 360. I'm trying to design a Victrix Honour Guard Helmet in it but I don't know where to start. Any pointers? thx.

P.S. - I'm also making my build an Ultramarines build. FOR THE EMPERORER!!!

I don't have too much experience with Fusion 360 since I mostly rely on Solidworks, but for things like those sweeping helmets and such i'd recommend a CAD package that supports the sweep feature. That, or see if you can utilize something that's already on thingiverse/myminifactory, even if that means bashing existing files together in blender or meshmixer. Courage and Honour, Brother!

++ HELMET ++

For the eyes, the original plan was to vacuform a compound curved eye lens which would then be dyed green and made reflective on the inside. This ended up not working out because the green dye used was way too dark, the eyes didn’t fit right, and they were nowhere near as see-through as they needed to be. Also, the masking I did for the hex pattern was awful, and damaged the surface to take off.
I ended up settling for a lasercut a hex pattern on neon green acrylic, which was then bent and airbrushed on the inside with spaz-stix chrome spray to provide a one way mirror film. This ended up looking fine, and even seemed like it was already lit in most lighting conditions, but I added some more LEDs after the fact anyway.


I ended up painting the helmet with red plastidip for flexibility. I added a respirator mask inside and directed the airflow to other parts of the helmet to keep as much used air away from the lenses and my nose as possible. After that I threw in a couple of fans and LEDs.


To keep the neck gasket up against the bottom of the helmet, I attached a 3d printed bearing to a 10” black duct and magnetized it to the bottom of the helmet so I can move my head while keeping the neck closed up. The bearing design was originally for the shoulders, but worked just fine for the helmet.


++ TORSO ++
The Torso contained the vast majority of the complexity of the suit. The plan from the beginning was to push the torso to be as thin as possible while maintaining decent proportions. This was done to give my arms as much length as possible so I could use the original arm holes and hopefully be able to still use hockey gloves instead of hand extensions. Right now It's possible to run the suit without hand extensions, but my arms kinda go numb so I'm probably going to add them anyway.


In addition to holding the neck seal, the torso had to do the following:

· Provide adequate Weight distribution to hold the backpack without it constantly pulling backward

· Hold the arm bearings in place, and thus hold the arm tubes, also makes sure that the ventilation from the fans reaches down the arms.

· Provide an upper rigging point to suspend the arms on the tubes.

To support the weight, I figured it would be better to build the torso around a harness, rather than try to come up with a weird PEX inner skeleton, especially since the 4 lb. ½ inch foam was pretty stiff as is, so the plastic frame didn't add too much. I built a small PVC frame on top of a molle ruck harness to react the upper loads into the lower part of the harness, then bolted the torso to the harness and glued it into the back of the torso. This ended up being really comfy to wear too, although the neck height makes it a little difficult to look up or down with the helmet on.


After testing the bearings, I built an outer cover to protect the BBs into the outer bearing race and made the inner plate to hold the arm tube. I made a PVC frame to reach around the sides and hold the shoulder bells, so they rotate with the arms. I also ended up gluing the straps that suspended the forearms and maintained the length of the arm tubes to that inner plate as well.


The shoulders had some issues keeping their shape after I simplified the foam template. I managed to eyeball some modifications and then used some wood to reinforce it and hold the shape. I added a 3d printed hinge to the top of the shoulder and attached a screw PVC joint with a 3D printed square Key insert to enforce orientation. I also added a rubber band attachment point to keep the bottom of the shoulder bell against the bicep when inverted, or at high angles so it doesn't flop down.


This ended working really well and looked great in motion. The modifications I made ended up barely being enough to get my hands outside of the gauntlets, so I may consider doing hand extensions in the future, especially if I opt to switch weapons from the pistol/sword to a bolt rifle. I'll probably need to use some sort of connector to secure weapons to the hand extensions.

++ ARMS ++
The remainder of the arms were straightforward. As I mentioned before, I suspended the arms from the shoulder bearing area. To interface the gauntlets to the arm tubing, I 3D printed an endcap that holds the gauntlets/gloves on magnetically and holds the endpoint for the suspenders. A few of the magnets didn’t make it into the connector. A few, but not enough to prevent it from working just fine.



I wanted to keep as much flexibility in the system as possible, so I opted not to glue the waist to the torso or the codpiece. Instead, I used the torso and codpiece to capture the waist armor by buckling the top cod to the bottom of the torso. That way, there's some space to let air in and I can bend my torso a tiny bit vs not at all.


From there, I made some “trousers” out of 10” tubes and 3D printed endcaps so I could suspend them from the belt. These went under the codpiece and the edges were covered with the hip plates (barely). I also lined the entire inside perimeter of the codpiece with Velcro so that I could add other attachments in the future.


The thighs were very simple, they fit snugly enough into the grooves of the 10” ducting to pretty much stay in place, but I added an extra suspension point to the top just in case. The remainder of the legs were a huge undertaking, as you might expect. The foam design ended up allowing for the bottom of the shins to be “hinged” to the boots using those ankle bulbs present in the Primaris design. It was essentially a peg in hole type connection that held the shins at the appropriate height and allowed them to hinge forward, backward, and very slightly from side to side, without dragging on the ground.


The Boots/stilts took me a while to settle on. It was between drywall stilts and PVC, but I ended up going with PVC to allow for ease of access and to get a larger base of support on the bottom. I 3D printed any extra mounting points I needed and designed the buckles/straps to be easily accessible from behind, so I could enter/exit the legs at will. As usual, I added a tall member to immobilize the ankle. This probably saved me a trip to the hospital as I did take a fall in the armor, but ended up being just fine, I couldn’t even find anything that was broken.


I was still shuffling around, so I might end up resorting to drywall stilts after all and maybe I'll make them interchangeable.

The backpack is was pretty cool but took a while. I didn't want to have to modify the space marine files and then fix them again to be Primaris, so I found a 3d printable primaris marine, isolated the backpack in blender, and converted that model into a papercraft template (uploaded to thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3319716)). I simplified the spheres on the vent balls and took some creative liberties for the area behind the helmet. I 3d printed the vents to make them look sharper and I 3d printed some greeblies too. For all of the grilles I found some pretty cool looking grille material that looks all futuristic too. After building it I needed to mount it so I barged it onto a wood board and reinforced the edges with foam and fiberglass.


To mount the backpack to the torso I added hooks to hold it from the top, and some Snap's to secure the bottom so it doesn't flop around. Also on the board I mounted the battery holder and fans to make sure that they weren't warping the backpack. For the fan I picked a high cfm bilge fan and a secondary computer fan to assist. I had to use a portable camping battery that could hold high capacity and output at 12v for the fans. To control it all, I added a wireless car relay kit and glued the remote to my gauntlet. Although I can't reach it, I can have a handler reach it or I can use the one inside of my belt pouch. The round cover is magnetically attached to access the system in case something doesn't work. The plan was to have the backpack removable in case I needed to go through doors, but I actually ended up usually just taking the legs off to move around.

I took inspiration for the detailing from a whole pile of reference materials and art I found online. I really wanted to add some more dense details than the mini figure, so the spaces didn't seem so empty. A lot of this was done with cut indents, panel lines, and 3d printed greeblies. I just got a resin printer so maybe I'll add some super high-fi details in the future too.


I weathered some small screws and embedded them into all of the tiny holes I dremeled into the foam to add some more detail too. I'll probably add more greeblies and paint some more details over time too.


For painting, I used the same process I always do, and even though it cost a fortune in plasti-dip I’m happy with the result. I started by sealing the foam with heat, then I plasti-dipped the suit (about 4-5 layers each part). For anything white like the Tac squad arrow and the kneepad, I Plastidipped it white and masked it off from the remaining paint. After plastidip, I did a basecoat with Krylon Iris Blue (It took me a long time to get a blue that didn’t feel too saturated or dark). After the basecoat I did a shading layer for the recesses with Rustoleum Ink Blue (decanted and airbrushed). After that, I took it to hand painting where I first did some metal chipping with silver paint, added on some decals from old space marine models as little warning and indicator labels, and then did some acrylic paint washes for weathering. For places that were gold, I used some Gehenna’s gold because I couldn’t find anything better. It took about a pot and a half to do the whole suit. (I used some cheaper gold for everything except the top layers). Once that was done, I sealed the suit with some flat spray coat to get the sheens feeling right.

For the weapons I wanted to do a plasma pistol and power sword, but that might change for reasons discussed later. The pistol started off as the papercraft model for the front, back, and grip. From there I freehanded a Primaris plasma pistol and 3d printed the upper cover in translucent PLA. for greeblies, I either 3d printed some, or used a bunch of laser cut scrap I had lying around. I also added a nifty little laser cut screen thing after seeing it in the Astartes short films. Inside of the pistol I added a vaporizer coil with vegetable glycerine and a fan/relay control so I can make smoke come out of the barrel. I also added LEDs to the top cover to light it up, but I have to go back and fix the programming a little bit.


For the sword, I wanted to make the power Gladius from the Primaris ultramarines upgrade kit. Since it's a power sword, I wanted it to light up too. At first I was going to try and put the LEDs behind LD45 foam, but in the end I decided to put it all behind translucent PLA. I would, of course, come to regret this because the sword got a bit heavy (especially with weak arm circulation) and the multipart print creaks sometimes. I ran a fiberglass rod through the prints, and glued it together and smoothed the blase with xtc-3d. To make sure the LEDs made it through the paint, I airbrushed on a thin layer of silver onto the blade. The handle itself is a polycarbonate tube and the Ultima cross guard has room to house some electronics and buttons.


Right now I'm getting the suit ready for an outing at Magfest, so the priorities are fixes from last run and redos of the feet and hands. As for past that, I want to maybe go for a bolter/chainsword, or maybe have some more motor actuated accessories. I'll try to put more updates here (in a timely manner) in the future.


If you want to see more of my work, follow me on Instagram @UPWDesign (https://www.instagram.com/upwdesign/?hl=en)!
Title: Re: My Primaris Ultramarine Build
Post by: adeptus mechanicus on November 26, 2019, 11:52:39 AM
Fantastic job sir! You should be commended. Great attention to detail and proportions that are spot on IMO! This build raises the bar yet again!