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Title: [PLEASE READ] Moved all finished costumes to the gallery
Post by: seraphic machine on June 02, 2014, 11:23:21 AM
Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in-between!

As of now I have gone through EACH and EVERY topic in the costuming sections ONE BY ONE and moved threads with whole costumes (not single items) that their makers deemed more or less finished AND of which the pictures still existed in the original thread (not having been nuked by the move or deleted from Flickr&Co by the owner) into the gallery or when no separate thread was made saved a couple of pics and posted them with a link back to the original WiP thread. I might have missed a couple, but trust me, by the 1000th thread my smile wasn't that sincere anymore.

If you find any double-posts or wish to post better pics under your own name et cetera, please let me know and I'll remove the redundant posts. I'll go over the rest this week and then check again, but any help is appreciated. The amount of topics in the gallery has TRIPLED (or more).

Also, for Pete's sake, people:

+please use SEARCH before posting
+please READ your own post before posting it (I have seen things you people wouldn't believe... and it was NOT attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion)
+please NAME your thread appropriately and not "question nr gazillion"
+please also POST on the OC board, it's there for a reason (and we'll love you even more)
+please post your finished work in the GALLERY too (even more popularity, woo!)

Going through all these threads it made me sad to see so many abandoned wips but at the same time also very happy and proud to be a member of this wonderful community.

seraphic machine (off to working on his techpriest)